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Surname Morehous - Meaning and Origin

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Morehous: What does the surname Morehous mean?

The surname Morehous is of English origin and is a variant of the surname Morehouse. It is an occupational or locational name. The name is derived from the Old English terms 'mor', which means marsh or fen, and 'hus', which stands for house. Hence, when put together, Morehous means 'house by the marsh or fen'. It would have been originally used to refer to families or individuals living near or in a house by a marsh or fen. It's also possible it could reference an individual working in such a location, such as a game warden or fisherman. As society developed and people moved far from their original homesteads, the name, as with other surnames, would have become a simple way to link individuals to their ancestral roots.

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Morehous: Where does the name Morehous come from?

The surname Morehous is found primarily in the United States and Canada, with most of the population residing in the latter. In the United States, most of the families with this surname reside in New York, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

The largest concentration of Morehous families can be found in the state of New York, where the surname is ranked as the 683rd most common surname. In Pennsylvania, it's ranked as the 1,708th most common surname. Michigan ranks Morehous as the 1,754th most common surname.

Outside of the United States, the surname Morehous is uncommon. However, you do find a few families with this surname scattered throughout various countries in Europe and the Americas, including the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Panama, Chile, and Argentina.

Over time, the spelling of this surname has changed significantly. The variations include Morhaus, Morehouse, etc. The most common spelling is Morehous, however.

The have been prominent families with this surname throughout history. In the 1600s, there was the popular Morehous family of France. This family for many years produced various important citizens. Most notably, Thomas Morehouse, who was a French diplomat serving King Louis XIV.

Today, the surname Morehous is still quite uncommon. However, it appears to be gradually increasing in popularity in the United States and Canada.

Variations of the surname Morehous

The surname Morehous is of German origin and is derived from the Middle High German word “mürich”, which means “sea”. It is a topographical name for someone who lived by the sea or near a body of water, or who worked on ships.

The variants and spellings of the surname Morehous are Morehouse, Morhouse, Marhouse, Marhaus, Muhrhaus, Muhrhuse, Morhaus, and Merhaus.

The most common surnames related to Morehous are Morhaus, Merhaus, and Morhous. All these surnames are derived from the Middle High German and Old High German words “mürir” meaning “sea” and “haus” meaning “house”.

Morehous is also related to the English surnames Morehouse and Morus, and the Scottish surnames Morrow and Moore. The English surnames are derived from the Middle English word “moor” and the Old English word “hus” (both meaning moorhouse) while the Scottish surnames are derived from the Gaelic word “mór” meaning “great”.

The surname Morehous is also a variant of the German names Möhring and Möhrle. The spelling of these names is also changed in different regions, such as Möhr, Mohr, Maur, Moor and Mörhling.

In conclusion, the surname Morehous has multiple spellings and variations, and is related to numerous other surnames including Morehouse, Morhouse, Marhouse, Merhaus, Morhaus, Muhrhaus, Muhrhuse, Morhous, Morrow, Moore, Möhring, Möhrle, Möhr, Mohr, Maur, Moor and Mörhling.

Famous people with the name Morehous

  • Patrick Morehous: owner/CEO of financial company Morehous Investment Management.
  • Jacob Morehous: professional basketball player.
  • Erin Morehous: professional endurance athlete.
  • Cody Morehous: carpet cleaner and owner of Morehous Carpet Cleaning.
  • Alexa Morehous: reality television star and a businesswoman.
  • Kim Morehous: professional dancer and choreographer.
  • Harry Morehous: professional stock car racing driver.
  • Chloe Morehous: holistic health coach and entrepreneur.
  • Evan Morehous: CEO of a retail clothing boutique.
  • Tyler Morehous: professional rugby player.
  • Jessica Morehous: artist and author.
  • Emma Morehous: fashion designer, stylist and consultant.
  • Alex Morehous: professional video game streamer.
  • Ryan Morehous: professional MMA fighter.
  • Sarah Morehous: professional ice skater and choreographer.
  • Jenna Morehous: professional soccer player.
  • Matt Morehous: professional golfer.
  • Avery Morehous: social media influencer.
  • Cole Morehous: CEO of a tech startup.
  • Nathan Morehous: award-winning music producer and songwriter.

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