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Surname Morehouse - Meaning and Origin

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Morehouse: What does the surname Morehouse mean?

Morehouse is an English surname that has historical origins in Yorkshire, England. The name is believed to have been derived from the Old Norse words "Mór" and "hús" meaning "marsh or moor" and "house" respectively. Thus, it essentially signifies a ‘house located near a marsh or moor’. Surnames during these times were often based on geographic locations or landmarks, further supporting this interpretation. In some cases, Morehouse might have also been used to describe a person who lived in or was from Morehouse, an old hamlet in the county of Yorkshire. Over time, descendants and relatives of the original bearers of the surname could have continued to use Morehouse, and it has since been passed down through generations.

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Morehouse: Where does the name Morehouse come from?

The last name Morehouse is most commonly found in the United States today. It is spread across the country, but is more heavily populated in certain areas. According to the Social Security Administration, the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, and Michigan all have the highest numbers of people with the last name Morehouse.

Given the historical roots of this surname, the concentration of the Morehouse family name in New England and the surrounding area makes sense. The majority of people who carry the Morehouse surname today are descendants of one of the earliest English settlers of the area, William Morehouse, who arrived in the late 1600s and settled in the colonies of New Haven, Connecticut, and New Rochelle, New York.

It is likely that the Morehouse name has been spread throughout the United States as a result of family members planning to stay in the New England area. Over the centuries, people carrying the Morehouse name have likely traveled to different states to pursue jobs, educational opportunities, or other opportunities. As of 2020, the Morehouse last name can still be found throughout the United States.

Variations of the surname Morehouse

The surname Morehouse can originate from several different languages and has a plethora of possible spellings and variations.

It can be a variant of the French surname Moreau which derives from the Latin word ‘morum’ meaning mulberry, or from the Old French word ‘more’ meaning ‘moor’ and referring to an area of dark-colored soil.

In Germany the surname may have originated from the Middle High German words ‘mør’ or ‘mûre’ meaning ‘dark’ or ‘murky’. From Old English, it’s possible the name may have derived from the words ‘mor’ meaning ‘marsh’, or ‘maere’ meaning ‘lake’.

The known variations of the surname Morehouse include Moorhouse, Moorshouse, Mores, Moreau, Mosse, Mose, Moos, Moor, Maurice, Moresco, Morss, Worden, Morgan, Morson, Mohr, Moorwood, Marwood, Morewood, Morse, Morenas, Mauras, and Morris.

Given the various spellings and languages of origin, one may also encounter the Morehouse surname in other forms not listed here. It’s important to do thorough research to trace one’s ancestry and confirm the root of the family name.

Famous people with the name Morehouse

  • David Morehouse: Former President and CEO of the Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Barbara Bain: American film and television actress
  • Sam Morehouse: American film actor
  • Philip Morehouse Parker: American entrepreneur
  • Hilary Morehouse: American actress
  • H. Richard Morehouse: American composer and conductor
  • George Morehouse: American politician
  • Caroline Morehouse: American voice actress
  • Brad Morehouse: Canadian baseball player
  • A. C. Morehouse: American drummer and producer

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Thomas Morehous (later spelled Morehouse) arrived in Weathersfield Connecticut with his wife Elizabeth (maiden name Pindar) in 1639. There was a migration involving much of the town in 1640 due to issues with a pastor. The group including Thomas Morehouse founded Fairfield Connecticut. Thomas Morehouse was buried in the south east corner of Old Fairfield Cemetery. There is no grave stone today since the burial spot was likely marked with a wooden cross.

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