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Surname Motzkuhn - Meaning and Origin

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Motzkuhn: What does the surname Motzkuhn mean?

The last name Motzkuhn is of German origin, and it is often associated with the city of Münster, Germany. The name is thought to derive from “Motten,” which is the German word for moths. The name also contains elements of the German words “kuhn” and “modes,” which refer to small villages or towns.

The name Motzkuhn was likely created by combining the two words, and it is believed to reference a person who originally came from a small village or town. It could also be interpreted as an epithet of protection, referring to the way a moth “protects” itself from danger by wrapping itself in a cocoon.

It is unclear when the last name Motzkuhn first appeared, but records suggest that it was used at least as far back as the 15th century. Since its origin, the name has spread to other German-speaking countries, including Austria, Switzerland, and the United States.

The name Motzkuhn is still used today by many descendants of the original bearer, and its symbolic meaning has stayed largely unchanged over the centuries. It is a reminder of the origin of the individuals who bear the name, as well as a testament to the importance of protection and safety from the perils of life.

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Motzkuhn: Where does the name Motzkuhn come from?

The last name Motzkuhn is a fairly rare name, but it is mostly associated with Germany today. It is thought to have originated from Germany, although it is uncertain when and how it originated. It is a variant of the German name "Mothes," which has evolved over time; Motzkuhn is an older spelling of the name.

Motzkuhn is most common today in the German states of Saxony and Brandenburg, although it is relatively rare. According to surname surveys done in Germany, in 2015, Motzkuhn was the 595th most common last name in Saxony and the 1541st most common surname in Brandenburg.

In the United States, Motzkuhn is the 5,504th most common name according to the 2020 census data. The majority of those with the last name Motzkuhn living in the US live in Pennsylvania, followed by New York, California, Illinois, and Ohio.

Motzkuhn is also found in small portions of Canada and Australia, but is not particularly common in either country.

Variations of the surname Motzkuhn

The Motzkuhn surname is a German origin name, derived from the name 'Motz' and the diminutive suffix '-kuhn'. Variations of the Motzkuhn surname can be found to include 'Motskuhn', 'Mottskuhn', 'Motzke', 'Motke', 'Motzek', 'Mottske', 'Motske', 'Motzkus', 'Motzkus', 'Motzkuss', and 'Motzkusch'.

Variations of the surname specifically with the 'c' spelling may include 'Motskun', 'Mottskun', 'Motzkure', 'Motkure', 'Motzekure', 'Mottskure', 'Motskure', 'Motzkuce', 'Motzkusc', and 'Motzkuch'. Depending on how it is spelled, the name may also appear as Motschkun, Mottschkun, Motzekure, Mottskure, Motskure, Motzkec, Motzkusc, Motzkuch, Motzkuche,Motzkuchy, and Motzkuchin.

The surname may also be found as Motzki, Motzl, Motzlke, and Motzlow.

Other variations of the name may include Latinized forms such as Motzkius or Motzkiusch, which can be found in many official records.

In some case, Motzkuhn may also be used as a given name or middle name. In many cases where the name is used as a middle name, the first name will be abbreviated to the initial letter of the full name of the individual, such as G. for Gustav Motzkuhn.

Famous people with the name Motzkuhn

  • Dr. Maike Motzkuhn: Maike Motzkuhn is a German scholar who received her Doctorate degree in Political Science in 2010. She works for the Institute for European Integration and International Relations in Berlin, Germany and has published several books and articles.
  • Albert Motzkuhn: Albert Motzkuhn was a German photographer, believed to be born in 1875 and to have died in 1940. He is best known for his archival photographs, some of which are now housed in the German Federal Archive.
  • Lewis B. Motzkuhn: Lewis B. Motzkuhn is an American-born researcher and professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, who specializes in the integration of European studies and international relations. He has been published several times, and his research focuses primarily on Europe.
  • Heinrich Motzkuhn: Heinrich Motzkuhn was a German scientist who worked on thermodynamics in the early 20th century. He researched foundations of thermodynamics and statistical mechanics and was a member of the evidence-based German Electromagnetic Union, founded in 1901.
  • Ingrid Motzkuhn: Ingrid Motzkuhn is a professional publicist and PR consultant, currently based in Munich, Germany. She has worked in communications for major enterprises and NGOs and specializes in conceptualizing and implementing communications strategies, campaigns and events.

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