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Surname Motzkun - Meaning and Origin

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Motzkun: What does the surname Motzkun mean?

The last name Motzkun is of Ashkenazi Jewish origin. The name Motzkun is derived from the Yiddish word “matzke,” meaning “little mat,” or literally, “a small rug.”

It was popular among lower- and middle-class Jews living in Eastern Europe in the 19th and early 20th centuries, and was generally the last name of families whose livelihood depended on physical labor and craftsmanship.

The earliest known record of this surname is in the 16th century, where the spelling “Motzkin” was found in legal documents from a Jewish community in Austria.

In more recent years, Motzkin has seen a great deal of immigration to the United States, especially in large urban areas such as New York City, Toronto, Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

The Motzkin family name carries with it a sense of shared cultural heritage and family history. Many Motzkins seek to learn more about their name and lineage, especially as the name and its worldwide diaspora continue to evolve.

For those who are proud of their Jewish heritage, the last name Motzkun carries a powerful history, tracing a path that started with a small mat centuries ago and has traveled all across the world.

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Motzkun: Where does the name Motzkun come from?

The last name Motzkun is believed to be of eastern European origin. It is most commonly found in countries such as Romania and Belarus, though there are also scattered instances in Russia, Ukraine, and Slovakia. In the United States, the highest concentration of people with the last name Motzkun is in New York City, where dozens of families have the name. Outside of the United States, Motzkun is still quite common in Romania, where it is believed to have originated.

In Romania, many local village names, such as Motzkuni, have the same spelling and phonetic root as the family name Motzkun, which is the basis of the surname. It is generally thought that this name is derived from words for “sweetheart” or “candy” in the local language.

In Russia, Motzkun is also a common last name, though its origin may be a little different from Romania. Here, the name likely comes from the common term “Motzkiv,” which, depending on the context, can mean strong or soft-hearted.

The surname Motzkun has been known for hundreds of years in eastern Europe, and in this modern world, the name is still just as common. It is most frequently found in Romania and Belarus, but can also be found in other eastern European countries and abroad.

Variations of the surname Motzkun

The surname Motzkun is an Ashkenazi Jewish surname, from the Hebrew word "Matzkin", which means "short". It is likely derived from Middle High German "motteler", which literally means "shorty" or "stumpy". It has many different spellings and variants, with some of the most common being Motzkin, Matzkin, Matzkind, Motkind, Mottschink and Modschin. Some versions of the name are used as both a first and a last name, such as Matzkind as a surname in Germany and Austria.

The surname is also found in various cultures and countries throughout the world, with each version having its own unique spellings and variants. In Germany, the name Motzkin is spelled Motskin and in Austria, it is spelled Matskind. In Poland, the spelling Motkin is often used. In the Baltic States, the name Motskiene is found, and in England, the name Motzkin is often found spelled with an s instead of a z.

In the United States, the surname Motzkin is especially prevalent in the states of New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, as many American Jews immigrated from Eastern Europe in the late 19th and early 20th century. Variants of the name Motzkin found in the US include Motzkine, Motzkin, Motzekin, Mozkin and Motsken.

Throughout the world, the surname has come to mean different things depending on the historical context of each place. It can refer to the people who lived in the Germanic lands and their descendants, those who were part of the thriving Jewish-immigrant culture in the US, and a variety of families in many other cultures.

Famous people with the name Motzkun

  • Ian Motzkun: Musician, composer, and graduate electric bass guitar player from Chicago, IL.
  • Ephraim Motzkun: Holocaust survivor, journalist, photographer and documentarian.
  • Gavriel Motzkun: Jewish Russian Reggae Singer in NYC.
  • Abraham Motzkun: Seeker of Enlightenment and yoga teacher from Miami, FL.
  • Simon Motzkun: Talented actor known for his roles in films such as LeBron James' More Than a Game and the television series Revolution.
  • Elka Motzkun: Professional violinist from New York who performs contemporary and classical music.
  • Chaim Motzkun: Internationally celebrated Israeli composer of religious and classical music.
  • Meryl Motzkun: Jewish American artist who is best known for her ceramic sculptures.
  • Melanie Motzkun: Trapeze artist from Toronto, Canada.
  • Avraham Motzkun: Israeli businessman who served as the Chairman of Africa Israel Investments.

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