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Surname Motzkat - Meaning and Origin

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Motzkat: What does the surname Motzkat mean?

The last name Motzkat is derived from an German surname originating in the Moselle region of Germany. It is a variation of Motzkot which is itself derived from the name Motzke, an old Germanic nickname which is thought to have come from the word “motz” meaning “little” or “a small man”, suggesting a short man of some stature.

The common variations of the Motzkat surname include Motzke, Motzko, Motzkowski, Motzkotke, Motzkewitz, Motzkewitzke, Motzkevitz, and Motzkamp. The latter is considered to be of Dutch origin, while the rest are mainly of Germanic descent.

The Motzkat family history is linked to that of many other European nations, including Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Russia, and the United Kingdom. These countries have all had a strong influence on the Motzkat name over the centuries, with Motzkat roots stretching back to the 12th century and possibly further.

Today, Motzkat families can be found across much of the world, including the United States, Canada, and Australia. In these countries, the family name is an indication of an ancestral connection to Germany in particular, and to other European countries as well.

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Motzkat: Where does the name Motzkat come from?

The last name Motzkat is most common today in Germany. According to, the name is most common in the Ruhr region of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. The name is derived from the German word "Mutzkatze" which literally translates to "house cat." The most common spelling of Motzkat in Germany today is Motzkatt.

In the United States, the Motzkat name is much less common, appearing primarily in the midwest concentrated primarily in the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois. This is likely due to the fact that it was among the earliest German families to arrive in the area. Further, the spelling of the name in the United States has shifted slightly from the traditional Motzkat found in Germany and is now usually written as Motzke.

The records show that the last name Motzkat is a fairly rare one and is not well-represented in either the German or the American genealogical records. This could be the reason why Motzkat is not as well-known or as widespread as some other last names. However, in the areas where the name is present, it is still considered a proud tradition and is a unique part of the local culture.

Variations of the surname Motzkat

The Motzkat surname is of German origin and is derived from the Middle High German word "Mazze" meaning "club." Other variants and spellings of Motzkat include: Motzke, Motzek, Motzkeit, Motzki, and Mazke.

Surnames derived from the same origin as Motzkat include Manteufel, Mantke, Mantzke, Maetzkes, Madzikes, and Mezke.

The spelling variants found in early German church records include Motscke, Motscheke, Motschke, and Motzket. The variants also appear in Dutch records, such as Matzke and Motzke, as well as Polish and Jewish records such as Madzke, Madzkies, and Motzkies.

The Latin spelling of Motzkat is Modicatus. In France, the name is found as Mazke, Motzke, and Motzko; in Russia it is recorded as Motcke; in Switzerland as Motschke; and in Lithuania as Motzkas.

Due to varying cultural influences, there have also been a number of different surnames derived, including Mozkowitz in Russia and Motzki in Lithuania.

In the United States, Motzkat is most commonly found as Motzke, Motzki, Motzkeit, and Motzek.

In summary, the Motzkat surname originated from the Middle High German word "Mazze" meaning "club" and is found as Motzke, Motzek, Motzkeit, Motzki, Manteufel, Mantke, Mantzke, Maetzkes, Madzikes, Mezke, Modicatus, Mazke, Motzko, Motschke, Motzkas, Mozkowitz, and Motzki.

Famous people with the name Motzkat

  • Kelly Motzkat: an American music educator at Clackamas High School in Oregon
  • Christoph Motzkat: a German singer, composer, and music producer
  • Dave Motzkat: an American musician, songwriter and record producer from Wisconsin
  • Clemens von Motzkat: a German actor, known for his roles in movies such as Ryan's Daughter and The Mikado
  • Desirée Motzkat: a German actor, known for her roles in films like A Simple Life and Emil and the Detectives
  • Karin Motzkat: a German actress, known for her roles in television series like Tatort and TV movies like Mambo der Liebe
  • Frank Motzkat: a German actor, known for his roles in movies like the cult classic Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
  • William Motzkat: an American composer and music professor from Utah
  • Rebecca Motzkat: an American singer-songwriter from California
  • Joerg Motzkat: a German musician and songwriter from Berlin

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