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Surname Muncel - Meaning and Origin

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Muncel: What does the surname Muncel mean?

The surname Muncel doesn't have a widely accepted meaning that is recognized by scholars or researchers, perhaps due to its rarity or obscurity. It's likely that Muncel may have local or familial origins tied to a specific place, occupation, or trait. Like many last names, its meaning could have evolved or been altered over time, further concealing its original significance. It's also possible that it's a variant of an existing surname, resulting from either misspelling or phonetic transcription. In the absence of concrete documented evidence, any interpretation of the surname Muncel remains speculative. Always remember that meanings of surnames can differ significantly depending on their cultural, geographical, and historical contexts. It would be best to conduct personalized research or seek the services of a professional genealogist for an in-depth understanding of this unique last name.

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Muncel: Where does the name Muncel come from?

The surname Muncel is of German origin and is most commonly found in the United States and Canada. The United States is the country with the highest concentration of individuals bearing this surname. The states with the most individuals bearing this name are Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

In Canada, the geographical distribution of the surname is concentrated in the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia. In the UK, the surname is most often found in the regions of Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland.

The frequency of the surname Muncel is relatively low throughout its geographic range. In the United States, it is estimated that less than 1 in every 25,000 people have this surname. Similarly, in Canada, less than 1 in every 50,000 people share this last name. In the UK, the surname is less common, and only 1 in 500,000 people are estimated to have the surname in the UK.

Given the surname’s German origin and its lower frequency outside the United States and Canada, it can be inferred that the last name Muncel is most common in the United States and Canada.

Variations of the surname Muncel

The surname Muncel has variants, spellings and origins around the world.

In the United States, Muncel has a German origin. Some alternative spellings include Mansel, Monsel, Mannsel and Munsell. It is also occasionally seen under the spelling Mountzell.

In England, Muncel is a variant of the surname Mansel, which is commonly found in Wales. It can be spelled Manselle, Maunselle, Mansell, Mouncell or Mansel. It can also be found under some Dutch spellings, such as Mancius and Muncius.

In France, variants of the name Muncel include Manselle, Montcel, Monsel and Monselle.

In Spain, the surname Muncel is often found spelled Munsel. This Spanish variation is different from the German or English Muncel, which has other variant spellings.

In Ireland, some Muncels are believed to be descended from the same source as the Mansells and Mansels. Variants of the name are Manselle and Mansell.

In Germany, the Muncel surname is derived from the first name Mancel, which is a form of the Latin names Manucius and Manutius. Variations of the name include Mansel, Mansell and Moncel. Interchangeable spellings include Mannisel, Mannscel, Manselus and Mansele.

The Muncel surname has many variants and spellings in different locations around the world, but is mostly derived from the Latin names Manucius and Manutius.

Famous people with the name Muncel

  • Ryan Muncel: founder of ErgoMorph, a height adjustable standing desk manufacturer.
  • Augustín Muncel: former Spanish football player.
  • Roli Muncel: an American author, spoken word artist, and activist.
  • Robert Muncel: retired Irish sportsman and former Ireland international rules football team selector.
  • Mario Muncel: Argentinian professional footballer.
  • Enric Muncel: Spanish architect.
  • Phillip Muncel: Australian journalist, scriptwriter, post-production supervisor, and creative director.
  • Dave Muncel: former American indoor lacrosse and field lacrosse player.
  • Frank Muncel: American environmental studies professor.
  • Daniel Muncel: founder of mDesign, an app and web design agency.

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