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Surname Muncell - Meaning and Origin

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Muncell: What does the surname Muncell mean?

The surname Muncell is of English origin, although its precise meaning is not clear. It's believed to have geographical roots, possibly deriving from a place name. Surnames were often used to help identify individuals back when populations were increasing and more people had the same first name. These names could be based on a person's job (such as Smith or Taylor), personal characteristics, or where they lived. Muncell may fall into this latter category.

It is sometimes associated with the name Mansell, which comes from the Old French "Mansel" meaning "inhabitant of Le Mans". However, there is no solid evidence to support this connection. The variant spellings of Muncell can include Mancell, Muncelle, Munsell, among others.

Tracing back the lineage or getting more insights might deliver more specifics about this surname's origin. As it is relatively uncommon, its meaning could also have been lost over time. Remember that the meanings of surnames have evolved along with the language, and many are subject to interpretation.

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Muncell: Where does the name Muncell come from?

The surname Muncell is most commonly found in the United States today. Based on U.S. Census records from the year 2000, approximately 349 people in the country share the last name. Other countries where Muncell is found include Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa.

Muncell is of Irish origin. The original form of the name was O Muineall, with "Muineall" or "Muinihill" stemming from the Old Irish "muin" meaning "a moor or mountain slope". The family likely comes from the west coast of Ireland, and is probably descended from an ancient Milesian tribe who settled there in pre-historic times.

The largest concentration of Muncell in the year 2000 was in the state of California, with 109 people listed under the surname. Rounding out the top four states with the most Muncell’s was New York (38), Rhode Island (36), and Michigan (34).

Today, those of the Muncell family are well spread out across the United States and beyond, occupying places large and small. However, many of them have likely retained their Irish heritage, with the last name an ever-present reminder of their Irish roots.

Variations of the surname Muncell

The surname Muncell is most commonly found in the United Kingdom, as well as in various other countries in Europe and in North America. It is a patronymic name derived from the Anglo-Saxon given name Mund, meaning "protection". The variants and spellings of Muncell include Munsell, Munsels, Munce, Muncey, Muncy and Muncie.

Munsell is a variant spelling of the surname that is found primarily in the United States, especially in the states of New York and Pennsylvania. This is the most common form of the surname throughout the United States. It is derived from the Old English word "Mund-wihl" which means "protector of the world".

The variant spelling Munsels is primarily found in the United Kingdom. It originates from a dialectical divergence from the abovementioned Mund-wihl.

Munce and Muncey are alternate spellings for the same surname, found mainly in the United Kingdom. Muncey is derived from the Anglo-Saxon term "muncy", meaning "confinement".

Muncie is a variant spelling of the surname mainly found in the United States and Canada. This spelling is derived from the Middle English term "muncynge", meaning "an emigrant". Muncie is one of the more common spellings of the surname throughout the United States.

In summary, the variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Muncell include Munsell, Munsels, Munce, Muncey, Muncy and Muncie. Each of these forms is derived from either the Anglo-Saxon or Middle English word associated with protection, confinement or emigrant, respectively.

Famous people with the name Muncell

  • Michael Muncell- NFL football player from Virginia Tech and the Indianapolis Colts.
  • Jesse Muncell- Singer songwriter and producer from Los Angeles.
  • Cassidy Muncell- Professional volleyball player from Arizona.
  • Kayla Muncell- Professional dancer and artist from California.
  • Aliya Muncell- Professional swimmer and founder of a charitable movement in the U.K.
  • Ray Muncell- Golf professional and instructor from South Carolina.
  • Marc Muncell- Pro skater from Oregon.
  • Leslie Muncell- Actress and screenwriter from New York.
  • William Muncell- Retired Army General from Texas.
  • Kristy Muncell- Artist, model, and fitness instructor from Georgia.
  • Robert Muncell- Computer scientist and AI specialist at MIT.
  • Lily Muncell- Interior designer from Michigan.
  • Logan Muncell- Famous YouTuber from Washington.
  • Matthew Muncell- Professional basketball player from Illinois.
  • Gene Muncell- Radio host from Montana.

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