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Surname Nabors - Meaning and Origin

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The Genealogical Revelation: Unraveling the History of the Family Name 'Nabors' through iGENEA DNA Analysis

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H. Nabors

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Nabors: What does the surname Nabors mean?

The origin and meaning of the last name Nabors is a bit of a mystery. There are a few theories that have been put forth, but none have been definitively proven.

One suggestion is that Nabors is derived from the Latin word ‘nabor’ which means ‘neighbour’ in English. This suggests that the name is associated with being friendly to one’s neighbours or even a family of neighbours. The word ‘nabor’ is also used in some European languages to describe someone who lives in a particular area for a period of time. This could be an indication that the Nabors family was in a certain area for a long period of time.

Another suggestion is that the name originated in Germany. In some German dialects, the word ‘naben’ or ‘novillen’ which means ‘a person of a different district or country’. This could also be an indication that the Nabors family moved to a different country or region and adopted the last name as a result.

All in all, the last name Nabors is a bit of a mystery. There are theories as to its origin but none have been proven conclusively. What is certain is that the Nabors family have a long and varied history that connects them with many countries around the world.

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Nabors: Where does the name Nabors come from?

The last name Nabors is most commonly found in the United States. Specifically, the highest concentration of Nabors can be found in the southern states family, with many living in Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia. This concentration has remained consistent through at least the past few decades. Outside of the US, the last name is much rarer but can be found in a few other countries.

In the United Kingdom, there are still a small number of Nabors living in various parts of the country. A smaller concentration of Nabors can also be found in Canada, mainly in the provinces of Ontario and Alberta. The name can also be found in Australia, though it is much less common there than it is in the US.

Nabors is a fairly uncommon surname, especially outside of the US. It is likely of either French or English origin and is thought to have derived from the name "Nabau," which may have meant someone who made or sold drinks or maps. It’s unclear exactly where the name first originated or how it spread across the world, but it has become an Americanized version of the original name over the years.

Variations of the surname Nabors

The surname Nabors originates from various Anglo-Saxon countries, with variants and spellings such as Nabor, Naborow, Nabr, Nabar, Nabarow, Nabore, Naborr, and Nabarro. The surname can be traced back to Olde English and Olde French origins, all deriving from the same root word. While the exact meaning of the surname has been lost to time, it is most likely connected to a location or home – such as the Olde English words “nebur” and “neborum,” which are interpreted as someone living next to or near a certain area of land.

In terms of variant spellings and surnames of the same origin, Nabors is related to a variety of surnames from multiple countries, all spelled differently but deriving from the same root word. Examples of surnames of the same origin in England include Neve, Niev, Niv, Nive, Nevill, Knightley, and Nye. In Scotland, similar surnames include Macnabb, MacNab, and McNab. In Wales, similar surnames include Neaver, Niever, Nevyer, and Nivver.

In the United States, Nabors is also related to similar surnames, such as Nabb, Nebar, Nebor, Nabor, Nabar, Nabore, Naboro, and Navarro. There is also an Italian variant of the surname, spelled Napoleone. Common variants of the English surname include Nabb, Naber, Naberow, Nabr, Nabar, Nabarow, Nabore, Naborr, and Nabarro.

In conclusion, Nabors is an Anglo-Saxon surname with a variety of variants and spellings, deriving from the same root word. It has many related surnames in multiple countries, and is also related to variant spellings in both Olde English and Olde French languages.

Famous people with the name Nabors

  • Jim Nabors: American actor, comedian, and singer, best known for his role as Gomer Pyle on the TV sitcom The Andy Griffith Show.
  • John Nabors: American businessman and former CEO of Diesel Forward, a diesel engine parts and service company.
  • Ginnie Nabors: American singer and songwriter, best known for such hits as "Tears On My Pillow".
  • Burt Nabors: American actor, best known for his performance in the television Western series Maverick, as well as for his supporting role in the 1967 movie Cool Hand Luke.
  • Richard Nabors: American jazz guitarist, session musician, and composer, who contributed to albums by Lightnin' Hopkins and many more.
  • Tyler Nabors: American singer, and keyboardist, best known as the frontman for the band Satyr and the Bear.
  • Kim Nabors: American actress and comedienne, best known for her appearances in the films The Man from Acapulco and Promise Me Tomorrow.
  • Stanley Nabors: American artist and sculptor, whose works include the bronze figure of Bill Monroe on the former site of the Grand Ole Opry.
  • Delilah Nabors: American actress and director, best known for her voice roles in independent film and television projects.
  • Matthew Nabors: American architect, best known for his work on numerous high-end residential and public projects.

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