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Surname Nabor - Meaning and Origin

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Nabor: What does the surname Nabor mean?

The last name Nabor is thought to be derived from the Hebrew word “Nebo”, meaning “prophet”. As such, many sources say that the name is of Biblical origin and could have meant “prophet”, “prophetess”, or “teacher” in ancient times. In terms of cultural heritage, the name is thought to be of Jewish and North African descent.

The name itself is relatively uncommon in many parts of the world. Its presence today can mostly be found in the United States, where it is most likely a variation of the surnames Neubauer or Neuberger. Beyond the United States, there are cases of the last name Nabor in France, Germany, and Hungary. In all these cases, the name is of Jewish origin.

Due to the rarity of the last name Nabor, there is little in the way of family history when it comes to tracking down the history of the name. There is very little to trace the family lineage and any historical accounts of those who have carried the name.

More recently, the name Nabor has been associated with prominent figures in business and the arts. This includes the French actor Paul Nabor, the French writer Robert Nabor, and the American business executive Michael Nabor.

Overall, the last name Nabor is known to be of Jewish origin and can belinked to prominent figures in art and business. The ultimate origin of the name, however, remains unclear due to its great rarity and lack of records tracing back its true historical significance.

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Nabor: Where does the name Nabor come from?

The last name Nabor is most commonly found in the United States, with the highest concentrations in Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi. It is not as common as some other surnames, but it appears throughout the United States.

Nabor is likely an Americanized version of a French name, likely derived from the Latin word natura, meaning “nature” or “habit.” It is a relatively recent arrival in the United States, first appearing in records in the early 1880s in New Orleans, Louisiana.

In New Orleans, many Nabor families are concentrated in the neighborhoods of Algiers, Gert Town, and Algiers Heights. Outside of Louisiana, Nabor is most commonly found in Texas and Mississippi. The vast majority of Nabors in Texas are concentrated in Harris County, including people originating from Louisiana.

Nabor is not a common name in the United Kingdom or continental Europe, though a few families have roots there. It is possible that some were immigrants to the United States sometime in the 1800s, or that some were descendants of French Acadian exiles.

Overall, the surname Nabor appears to be quite rare, and is centered in the southern United States. While it is possible that some may have roots elsewhere, most Nabors in America likely hail from Louisiana and the Gulf Coast.

Variations of the surname Nabor

The surname Nabor is believed to have multiple spellings, variants and surnames of the same origin. Some of the most common spellings and variants of the surname Nabor include Nabors, Nabours, Nabar, Naber, Nibor and Nabarra.

The surname Nabor may have derived from an old French given name, Nab de l'Ours, which translated to “servant of the bear”. This name could have been given to people who were particularly courageous and independent, or to people working in bear related occupations.

The surname Nabor arrived to England and France with the Normans in the 11th Century, and was subsequently localized throughout Europe. The surname appears to be most common in England, France, Ireland, Germany and Spain. In Spain, the variant name Navarro is often seen.

Variants of the surname Nabor have also been found in the United States, where it may have been Americanized to Nabors or Nabours. Additionally, the surname Nabor could have been changed to other names such as Naab or Naabors due to dialect and regional differences.

In conclusion, the surname Nabor appears to have a variety of spellings, variants and surnames of the same origin. These variants can be found throughout Europe and the United States, and many of them derive from the old French given name Nab de l'Ours.

Famous people with the name Nabor

  • Buzz Nabor: singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Virginia.
  • Don Nabor: former American football player who played wide receiver in the NFL for the San Diego Chargers.
  • Tim Nabor: retired English international soccer player.
  • Leon Nabor: British actor who appeared in films such as 'The Empire Strikes Back' and 'Aliens'.
  • Tomás Nabor: Mexican basketball player and Olympian who competed in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
  • Vicente Nabor: Mexican painter and sculptor from the state of Guanajuato, Mexico.
  • Mabel Nabor: Colombian-American singer-songwriter who has been part of the Latin music scene since 1998.
  • Jera Nabor: Ecuadorian soccer player who currently plays for Club Universidad de Guayaquil.
  • Talia Nabor: American singer, songwriter, and actress, best known for her roles in Broadway plays such as ‘A Chorus Line’.
  • Jerry Nabor: artist, illustrator, and designer known for his pair of cartoon birds named74 Joller and Otto.

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