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Surname Nabours - Meaning and Origin

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Nabours: What does the surname Nabours mean?

Nabours is a French-origin surname, derived from the plural of the Norman word ‘naubour’, meaning ‘farm worker/servant’. It can also refer to someone who is from the style of French named after the region of Neubourg, which is now located in the department of Seine-Maritime. The legal term ‘naubour’ is used to refer to an occupation that is similar to the job of a farmhand, which would help to explain why the surname of Nabours is likely tied to an agricultural background.

It is also possible that the surname can be applied to individuals who come from various other regions within France. Additionally, the word nabours can be used to refer to a person who maintains a tenant’s rights, and in that case, be derived from the word ‘naube’, which translates as ‘tenant’. Although these various meanings can offer a helpful insight into how the surname of Nabours was derived, its precise origin is unknown.

In the United States, the surname of Nabours is most commonly found in the state of Louisiana, where the use of French family names were common. It is likely that the surname of Nabours arrived in Louisiana with French colonial settlers and traders, who later adopted anglicized versions of their original surnames. The surname is also quite rare, with only around 2,400 individuals with the name recorded in the United States Census.

It is clear that the surname of Nabours has its roots in France. It is possible that the word originally referred to a person of an agricultural background, or a tenant of someone else’s land. The surname of Nabours is found predominately within the United States, particularly in Louisiana, where French colonial settlers arrived from France in the 18th Century. Nowadays, it is an incredibly rare name in the United States, with only around two thousand individuals recording the surname in the nation’s census.

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Nabours: Where does the name Nabours come from?

The Nabours surname can be found today predominantly in the United States, where it is most numerous in the southern states. It is especially common in Louisiana, where research suggests that the name is derived from the French-speaking ancestry of the area. The surname ranks as the 1,855th most common name in the US, according to the US Census Bureau.

Families of the surname can be found today in areas that had significant French presence in the past, such as Louisiana, southern Mississippi, Texas, and Arkansas. Statistically, the surname is most frequently found in Louisiana, particularly in the southern part of the state. Louisiana's bayou country has many variations of the Nabours name, such as Nabours, Navarre, and Nobel.

Due to Louisiana's rich French heritage, the surname is also present in other states with a historically French population, such as Maine, Michigan, Massachusetts, Missouri, and Virginia. Additionally, the surname is also fairly established in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.

Though heavily linked to Louisiana, the Nabours surname can be found today all across the United States. Those of the Nabours lineage can count themselves members of a historically French surname present in the United States for centuries.

Variations of the surname Nabours

Nabours is an alternative spelling of the surnames Nabors and Nabours. It is thought to have originated from the French and is an Anglicized variation of the French surname d'Aubourd, which literally translates to 'from Aubourd'.

Nabors is believed to have been first used in England by the Norman invaders who came from Normandy in France in the 11th century. It was an occupational name for someone associated with woodcutters and foresters; one who worked in a foresters' lodge. In some cases, the name could have derived from Aubers in France or Aibert in Germany.

The surname Nabours is also found in the United States and is believed to have come from an American family of the same name, who emigrated from England in the 17th century.

Variations of Nabours include Nabor, Nabord, Naboir, Nobor, Noabar, Nabers, Nabur, Nabar, Naborah and Navarro. Variants of Nabors include Nobors, Navarre, Navor, Novers, Navers and Navarr. All of these surnames are thought to be derived from the French origin.

The spelling of Nabours is unusual, and suggests that the original spelling has been altered over time due to changes in pronunciation and spelling conventions. It is, however, still recognizably related to its French forebears.

Famous people with the name Nabours

  • Jim Nabours: American actor, singer, and comedian
  • Jeannie Nabours: American actress and author
  • Jesse Nabours: American professional basketball player
  • Trey Nabours: American singer-songwriter
  • David Nabours: American author
  • Don Nabours: American politician
  • Earl Nabours: American baseball player
  • Jeremy Nabours: American writer
  • Paul Nabours: American screenwriter and director
  • Danny Nabours: American TV producer

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