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Surname Nealle - Meaning and Origin

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Nealle: What does the surname Nealle mean?

The last name Nealle is thought to be of French origin, derived from the Latin name Natalis. The name Nealle likely derived from the Latin form 'Natalis', a given name which in turn derived from the Latin word 'natalis' meaning 'birth or nativity'. In other words, it is thought that the name Nealle could be a nickname for someone born on Christmas Day.

The Nealle surname originated from northern France where it is believed to have first appeared in the late 12th century, in Normandy, where several families bearing the name were found.

Not many records pertaining to the surname Nealle can be found, and it is thought that those who used it as a family name may have been descended from an eminent Norman family of the same name that lived in the area. Records do show, however, that the name was used throughout England during the medieval period and during the 16th and 17th centuries.

Today, the Nealle surname is still present in some areas of England, as well as in Europe and the United States. It is most commonly found in England, where it is ranked as the 4,395th most common surname.

In summary, the last name Nealle is likely a nickname for someone who was born on Christmas Day, and it is believed to have first appeared in northern France in the late 12th century. It is still found throughout Europe and the U.S. today, particularly in England where it is ranked as the 4,395th most common surname.

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Nealle: Where does the name Nealle come from?

Nealle is a relatively uncommon surname, but there are still numerous Nealle families living around the world today. In the United States, the name is most common in Texas and California, although there are a few pockets of Nealle families living elsewhere in the country. The United Kingdom, particularly Scotland, also has a healthy population of Nealles.

Elsewhere, Nealle is a popular last name in France, where it is derived from the name Nielle. In Canada, the name is far less common and is mostly found in Ontario and Quebec.

Outside of North America and Europe, Nealle is an extremely rare name. There is a small but steady population of Nealle families in Australia, many of whom are descended from people who immigrated from the United Kingdom in the 19th century. A handful of Nealles can also be found in New Zealand and South Africa, where the name is typically associated with English or French ancestry.

Variations of the surname Nealle

Nealle is a variation of the English surname Neil. The original spelling of the name is Neel. It is derived from a combination of Gaelic and Old English. Its earliest known use was in Scotland in the early 17th century.

People with the surname Nealle often spell it Neall, Nealles, Neil, Neale, Neal, Neille, Niel, Niall, Nealls, Nell or Niels.

In Scotland and other parts of Europe, many people spelled the surname Neil with an 'E', making its earliest spelling Neel for Nealle.

Nealle can also be a variation of several names derived from the Latin word, Natalis, meaning 'birthday' or 'born on Christmas'. These names include Noel, Niall, Nils, Nial, Niels and Nilsen.

In some parts of Scotland, Nealle is also an Anglicized version of the Irish surname Niall, which was a common name among the descendants of the High Kings of Ireland.

Other variations which may be found in records but are not as common include Nele, Neill, Neilson, Nelli, Nalley and Nelell.

The surname Nealle is often seen with many variants and spellings, as families have changed the spelling throughout time. Though rare, different spellings may be found on birth and marriage records. Each record may give clues and evidence to connecting generations within a family tree.

Famous people with the name Nealle

  • Ryan Nealle: Canadian actor best known for his roles in the series Murdoch Mysteries and Heartland.
  • Jordan Nealle: Professional Australian rugby union player for Warringah rugby club.
  • Reg Neall: Former professional ice hockey player for the Saint Louis Blues.
  • Mary Nealle: Dress designer and professional seamstress, creator of the iconic ‘Mary Neall’ dress.
  • Attempts Neall: English footballer who played forward for Tottenham Hotspur and the England national team.
  • William Neall: Author and editor, responsible for the books Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes and Lullabies.
  • William T Neall: US politician and Civil War General, who commanded General Sherman’s marching columns in the 1864 Savannah Campaign.
  • James Neall: American Revolutionary War militant, participating in the Battle of Bunker Hill.
  • Gerhard Neall: German singer, member of the 1960s soap opera Schlagerbande.
  • Lloyd Neall: British Air Force lieutenant, awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal during WWII.

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