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Surname Neall - Meaning and Origin

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Neall: What does the surname Neall mean?

The surname Neall derives from the Irish Gaelic name Ó Néill, loosely translating to "descendant of Niall". This is associated with Niall of the Nine Hostages, a legendary 4th-century king of Tara, a title given to the High King in medieval Ireland. It's believed that the Niall name means "champion" or "passionate". Therefore, Neall can symbolically represent someone who is a "descendant of a champion". As with many surnames derived from patronymics (names that denote family lineage), Neall is popular in regions where inhabitants trace their ancestry back to Gaelic roots, specifically Ireland. Its variants include O'Neill, Neil, Neal, and Neill among others. However, the precise meaning of the surname can differ across cultures and locations. It is important to remember that surname interpretations can be speculative, and their true origins can often be lost to time.

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Neall: Where does the name Neall come from?

The last name Neall is most commonly found today in the United States. According to US Census Bureau data, Neall was the 12,832nd most popular surname in 2020. This ranking makes Neall one of the top 20,000 surnames in the United States.

Neall is primarily concentrated in Alabama, with its highest density in Alabama's Baldwin County along the Gulf Coast. Other states with higher-than-average concentrations of Neall families include Florida, Mississippi, and Rhode Island. There are small numbers of Neall families scattered across the rest of the United States.

Analysis of historical immigration documents suggests that Neall, like many other surnames, arrived in the United States with the British and Irish immigrants who settled in colonial America. It is unclear where the Neall family originated before they left Europe for the colonies, and it appears that the surname itself has a long history.

It is unlikely that the surname Neall is found outside of the United States. There may be small numbers scattered across the world, but it is not found in high concentrations anywhere outside of the US.

Variations of the surname Neall

The Neall surname is derived from the Gaelic word “Mac an Eall” meaning “son of the physician” and is most common in Northern Ireland and Scotland. Variants of this surname include Neal, Neill, Neale, Neil, O’Neil, and O’Neale.

The Neal variant of Neall is more commonly found in Scotland and Ireland, with roots in the ancient Gaelic phrase “Mac an Eall” or “son of the physician”. However, there are many variations of this spelling due to migration and cultural differences, such as ‘Nihal’ and ‘Neele’.

The Neill, which is the Irish version of the surname Neall, is more common in Northern Ireland. It is derived from the Gaelic branch of Ua Niall, an ancient Irish ruling family. Variations of this spelling include O’Neill, MacNeill, Neale, MacNeale, and O’Neale.

The Neale version of Neall is a variant found in Scotland and Ireland. As with the other versions, this spelling is derived from the Gaelic phrase “Mac an Eall”, but the spelling has changed over the years with migration and Anglicization of the name. Variants of this spelling include Neil, MacNeil, McNeil, and Neill.

Finally, the Neil surname is derived from Niall, a name that was popular amongst the Celts of Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man. Variations of the name include O’Neil, Neal, Neill, and O’Neill.

Overall, the Neall surname, regardless of its spelling, finds its roots in the Gaelic language and has many variations due to migration and Anglicization. The Neall, Neal, Neill, Neale, and Neil variants can all be traced back to this same root.

Famous people with the name Neall

  • Grant Neall: an Australian professional baseball player from Victoria
  • Grant Neall: an Australian professional soccer player from Victoria
  • Hunter Neall: a former professional soccer player from the United Kingdom
  • Ryan Neall: a former professional hockey player from Canada
  • Nate Neall: an American professional snowboarder from Washington
  • Ariana Neall: an American opera singer from New York
  • Steven Neall: an American artist
  • Marissa Neall: an American actress from California
  • Tristan Neall: an English musician
  • Bella Neall: an Australian model
  • David Neall: an American politician
  • Otho Neall: a British writer
  • Hryn Neall: a New Zealand doctor
  • Jessica Neall: a British photographer
  • Andrea Neall: an American artist
  • Stephen Neall: an English historian
  • William Neall: an English architect
  • Emma Neall: an Australian TV presenter
  • Tyler Neall: an American Olympic pole vaulter
  • T.J. Neall: an American former baseball player
  • Cate Neall: a British actor
  • Issy Neall: an English actress
  • Andrew Neall: an Australian musician
  • Ebony Neall: an Australian rugby player
  • David Neall: an African-American Encyclopedia of Arkansas editor

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