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Surname Neale - Meaning and Origin

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Q. Neale

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Neale: What does the surname Neale mean?

The surname Neale is of Irish and English origin and can be traced back to the Middle Ages. The Irish form of the name is derived from the Gaelic name "O’Néill" meaning 'descendant of Nél', with Nél being a personal name representing a diminutive of the element 'niall', inferred to mean 'champion'. The English version of this name is often considered to be a variant of 'Neville'. It can also be linked to 'Neil', a personal name derived from the Gaelic name Niall, meaning 'cloud' or 'passionate'. The name Neale is hence associated with a familial line of perceived champions or people of passion and vigor. The surname first appeared in records in Cheshire, England, in the 12th Century. It is intriguing to note, however, various spellings of the name have been found, such as Neal, Neale, Neall, Neill, Neil, and others, which happened primarily due to the lack of standardized spelling in medieval times.

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Neale: Where does the name Neale come from?

The last name Neale is primarily found in countries in the British Isles, particularly in England and Scotland. It is also quite common across the United States and Canada, in addition to Australia, France, Spain, and Germany. In the United States, the Neale surname is most commonly found in the states of Texas, California, Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina, as well as parts of Illinois, Pennsylvania, and New York.

Overall, the Neale surname is most popular among those with English and Scottish heritage, as the surname is one of the oldest in the British Isles. While it may have derived from the old Norse name Njal, it could also be related to the ancient Welsh name Nial, which is sometimes shortened to Neal.

In Scotland, Neale is relatively rare, but may have originated from a place in Aberdeenshire. In Ireland, the Neale name can be found in Ulster, though it is less common than in Scotland or England.

On the whole, the Neale surname is quite common and can be found in many countries around the world. Though it has Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Welsh origins, it is especially prominent in England, Scotland, the United States, and Canada. Those with the Neale name are usually proud of their heritage, as the name has connections to some of the most ancient inhabitants of the British Isles.

Variations of the surname Neale

The Neale surname is a locational surname that originates from two places, based in England and Ireland. It is most likely derived from the Old English pre-seventh-century word 'eale', meaning streams. In England, the place-name Neale is found in Surrey, and has derived surnames such as Neil, Neele, Neall, Neal, Nealle, Nele, and Neill. In Ireland, the place-name Neale is found in counties Limerick, Roscommon, Mayo, and Galway, and the derived surnames are Neel, Neale, Nealle, Neal, Nealle, Neall, Neille, O'Neill, O'Neale, and Niall.

In England, the surname Neale is found in York, Lancashire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, and Suffolk, Suffolkshire, Bedfordshire, and Worcester, while in Ireland, it is found in Connacht, Ulster, Donegal, Cork, and Antrim.

Variant spellings of the Neale surname include Nele, Neil, Novill, Nail, Naille, Nealle, Neall, Neile, Nelle, Neill, Neile, Neale, Neal, Niall, O'Neale, Nayle, Neele, Nealle, Neille, or Nail.

Common surnames of the same origin as Neale include Neil, Neale, Neal, Neall, Nealle, Niall, O'Neill, O'Neale, and Nail. Other related surnames include Niall, Naill, Nyle, Neele, Naille, Nill, Neel, and Nele.

Famous people with the name Neale

  • Walter Hines Neale: Founder of the Publishing House, Neale Publishing Company.
  • James Neale: English non-conformist clergyman and author.
  • Sir Walter Neale: British Admiral of the White and Rear Admiral of the Red.
  • James Neale: American editor and journalist.
  • Frederick William Neale: Member of Parliament for MG Company.
  • Edward Neale: Attorney who argued McCulloch v Maryland in the United States Supreme Court.
  • Gary Neale: Australian silver-medalist at the 1968 Summer Olympics.
  • Frank Neale: Major League Baseball pitcher for the 1901 Cincinnati Reds,
  • William Neale: American actor best known for his role in the TV series "Students in Trouble"
  • Jeff Neale: One of the few players to have been selected to four straight Canadian Football League All-Star teams
  • Joseph Neale: American Revolutionary War soldier and state legislator.
  • John Neale: English botanist and horticulturist.
  • Thomas Neale: British Member of Parliament for Hereford.
  • Rebecca Neale: Australian kayaker who competed in the 1996 Summer Olympics.
  • Alfred Neale: British Member of Parliament for Maidenhead.
  • Steve Neale: Celebrated English regular weight boxer of the 1980s.
  • Cameron Neale: Australian footballer who played in the National Soccer League.
  • Henry Neale: United States federal judge.
  • Graham Neale: English professional football player who played for the Swindon Town Football Club for eighteen years.
  • Robert Neale: Prominent member of the academic faculty of the University of Sydney.

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