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Surname O'Farral - Meaning and Origin

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O'Farral: What does the surname O'Farral mean?

The origin of the last name O'Farral comes from the old Gaelic name Ó Fearghail, which is made up of two elements: Fearghal which means "valorous," and Ó which is a Gaelic prefix meaning "descendant of". As a result, the name O'Farral is an Irish patronymic name, meaning "one born to the family of one named Fearghal".

Over time, the name evolved from O'Fearghail, to O'Farrell, and finally to O'Farral. It is believed that the first record of the name is that of Tioboid O’Fearghail, recorded around the year 1275 in County Meath, Ireland.

The O’Fearghail name was widespread by the fifteenth century, and was mainly found in Counties Cavan and Longford in the Midlands of Ireland. Some of the more prominent O'Farral families include those based at Moy Hill in County Galway, and at Clarkhill in County Cavan.

Today, the O'Farral’s are mainly found in West Cork and in smaller numbers in many of the other Irish counties, as well as in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The crest of O'Farral is a Saracen's head and the Motto is “Non Sine Causa”, which translates to “not without reason”.

The surname O'Farral is still very much alive today, and is a reminder of the famiies’ long history and proud heritage.

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O'Farral: Where does the name O'Farral come from?

The last name O'Farral is most commonly found in Ireland today. The O'Farral surname originated in County Cork, Ireland, and is derived from the Irish surnames MacFhearghail or O Fhearghail (meaning "son of Farral").

The O'Farral name can be found in County Cork, as well as in neighboring counties Limerick, Kerry, and Tipperary. The prevalence of the name in each of these counties is likely attributed to the fact that the people of each county moved frequently in the 19th century, which resulted in the O'Farral surname becoming more widespread.

The O'Farral name can also be found in parts of the United States, particularly in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. These cities have significant Irish populations, and it's likely that the name was introduced to these areas by Irish immigrants and their descendants.

The O'Farral name may have been adopted by people who immigrated to the United Kingdom from Ireland. The popular British television series "Peaky Blinders," which is set in the early 20th century, features a character named Alfred O'Farral.

Overall, the name is still fairly common in Ireland today, and it's likely that the majority of people with the name O'Farral are of Irish descent. The name is also present in many U.S. cities and some parts of the U.K., most likely due to immigration from Ireland.

Variations of the surname O'Farral

O’Farral is a surname of Irish origin. The spelling can vary, as can any surname, but the most common variants of O’Farral are O’Farrell, Farrell, Fahrall, Fahrrall, O’Farrall, Farrall, O’Ferrell, Ferrell, Ferrall, Farrel, Farral, O’Ferrall, O’Farella, Ferella, and O’Farrella.

Given the high literacy rate of the Irish, many variations of the name O’Farral were created when English-speaking clerks and census-takers attempted to document the diversity of the Irish inhabitants. The pronunciation of the surname also helps explain the many variations seen. The Irish populace pronounced the name “oFARel” and the English adapted this pronunciation to become oFARel or oFARrell.

In addition, as innumerable Irish emigrated to the US, UK, Canada, and other parts of the world, they modified the spelling of their surname to adapt to the native tongue. O’Farral immigrants in the US may have adapted the name to Farrell, while immigrants in the UK could have changed the spelling to Farrel or Farrall.

The surname O’Farral may have been adapted from other common surnames of the same origin, such as Farraher, Ferro, O’Ferrall, and O’Ferral. All of these surnames share the same Gaelic root, “fer”, meaning “man”. Thus, each of these surnames traces back to an ancestor with the same meaning.

The numerous variants of O’Farral may have also developed as people moved from Ireland to different parts of the world and kept changing their surnames to reflect their ever-changing homes. No matter how many times it is changed, the O’Farral surname will always remain the same at its core and will be a reminder of its Irish roots.

Famous people with the name O'Farral

  • Sarah O'Farrell: Australian entrepreneur, TV presenter, and social media influencer
  • Bob O'Farrell: Former Major League Baseball player
  • Joseph R. O'Farrell: Irish politician and merchant
  • Johnny O'Farrell: Writer, actor, and comedian
  • Mike O'Farrell: Actor
  • Nathaniel O'Farrell: Musician
  • Pat O'Farrell: Architect
  • Peter O'Farrell: Actor
  • Paddy O'Farrell: Singer and songwriter
  • Stu O'Farrell: Football player and executive
  • Thomas O'Farrell: Roman Catholic Bishop
  • Jeffery O'Farrell: New York City real estate broker
  • Maria O'Farrell Savarese: American author and poet
  • Eoin O'Farrell: Irish hurler
  • Rob O'Farrell: English footballer
  • Emma O'Farrell: Australian model and actress
  • Maureen O'Farrell: American Director of Administration and Special Events
  • Siobhán O'Farrell: Irish environmental protection specialist
  • Clare O'Farrell: Irish physiotherapist
  • Luke O'Farrell: Attorney and political strategist

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