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Surname O'Farrol - Meaning and Origin

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O'Farrol: What does the surname O'Farrol mean?

The surname O'Farrol originated from Irish and Scottish descent. It is an Anglicized version of the Gaelic surname "O'Fíodhbhu'" which actually translates highly literally to "Descendant of the dark-haired one". The spelling may have changed over time as new generations anglicised the pronounciation. The Gaelic “O” part of the name usually denotes male gender, but it is not always the case.

The O’Farrols were a Gaelic clan who resided in Fermanagh in the North of Ireland. They are closely linked to the McMahon family, who were a prominent clan in the surrounding counties. The county of Fermanagh is noted for its relative peace and stability in comparison to other counties in Ireland, and this is often attributed to the stability that the O’ Farrol and other local clans provided.

The O’Farrols had a strong presence in Ireland until the 16th century, when the policy of plantations of organised British settlers in Ireland began. This resulted in a decline in the stability and fortune of the neighbouring clans. Some O’Farrols emigrated to Scotland or to the United States, and the population of the O’ Farrols still living in Ireland is much smaller today.

Although the O’Farrols evolved from Gaelic origins, the name is rarely found today in Ireland outside of a few remote rural areas in Fermanagh. The name is much more common today in Scotland and North America, where many Irish immigrants and their descendants settled. It is widely believed that the O’Farrols who did not emigrate from Ireland died out as their fortunes progressively declined due to the invasions in the 16th century.

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O'Farrol: Where does the name O'Farrol come from?

The last name O'Farrol is of Irish origin and is derived from the Gaelic surname MacFhearghail, which translates to "son of the valiant one". The O'Farrol family is believed to descend from a two brothers of a prominent family in the kingdom of Ailech which was situated in Ulster, Northern Ireland. This clan was one of the most powerful and influential clans to come out of Ireland.

The O'Farrol family has a strong presence in Ireland today, particularly in Counties Monaghan, Down and Cavan. In recent years, the family has expanded to North America, Australia and other English-speaking countries. They can be found in these places as O’Farroll, Farroll, Farrall, Farrel, Farrell and Farrelly. However, O'Farrol is still the more popular spelling of the name in Ireland.

The O'Farrols are known as a clan fiercely loyal to their homeland, and to this day are celebrated by many Irish groups as one of the most honorable and important families in Irish history. Within their families, they often reflect their familial connection to these traditional Gaelic values. They are renowned in Ireland for their feasts and open hospitality.

Despite the diaspora of the O’Farrol family throughout the world, they remain a strong presence in Northern Ireland and in their many adopted countries. The name O’Farrol transcends borders, and many generations of this family still proudly carry the name today.

Variations of the surname O'Farrol

The surname O'Farrol is an old Irish surname which derives from the Gaelic name O’Fearghail, which roughly translates as “A man of valor”. The modern O’Farrols trace their ancestry to Brian Ua Fearghail, who lived in the Knockmore district of County Mayo in the 12th century.

Variants of the name O'Farrol include:

• Farrel

• Ferral

• Ferrell

• Farall

• Farrall

• Farrill

• Farral

• Ferralle

• Feiral

• Feirall

• Fearal

• Ferell

• Farrell

• Faroll

• Ferrall

• Ferall

• Feroll

Common spellings of O’Farrol include:

• O'Farrol

• O Farrol

• OFarrell

• O Farrel

• O Farrell

• O’Farrell

• O Farral

Surnames of the same origin include:

• Farrell

• Farrel

• Farrelle

• Fearon

• Farrall

• Farrill

• Farral

• Ferral

• Ferralle

• Feiral

• Ferell

• Fitz-Farrell

• Fitzfarrell

• O'Farrell

• O'Fearghail

• O 'Farrelly

• O Fearghaile

Famous people with the name O'Farrol

  • Sarah O'Farrol: a Canadian actor and television host, best known for her role as a co-host of the Canadian television series Corner Gas.
  • Timothy O'Farrol: an Irish historian focused on 17th century Ireland and its political history.
  • Arthur O'Farrol: a legendary Australian footballer, who was part of a glorious Hayden football dynasty and the great O'Farrol clan.
  • Pádraig O'Farrol: an Irish chemist and founder of O'Farrol Industries, a pharmaceutical and biotechnology company.
  • Christopher O'Farrol: a Victorian-era English dramatist, author, and playwright.
  • Benedict O'Farrol: a British curator and art historian, specializing in 18th century Italian Baroque art.
  • Fergus O'Farrol: an Australian veto player, ordained minister, and public speaker.
  • Meave O'Farrol: an Irish actress best known for her roles in the 2006 film Once and the 2011 film Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.
  • James O'Farrol: a Canadian writer and publisher, who was born in Ireland in 1905 and emigrated to Canada in the late 1940s.
  • Katy O'Farrol: an Irish artist, who primarily works with acrylic on canvas, often depicting stories with Irish mythical undertones.

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