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Surname O'Quigg - Meaning and Origin

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O'Quigg: What does the surname O'Quigg mean?

O'Quigg is an Irish clan name originally derived from the Irish surname O'Coigligh. The name O'Coigligh is a combination of two distinct words "O" which stands for "grandson" or "mal" in Irish and "Coigligh" which translates to "helmeted one" in English. As such, this surname is believed to have originally been used to denote the descendant of a chieftain who wore a helmet.

Throughout history, the O'Quigg clan was a part of the larger Uí Fiachrach Dynasties of Connacht. This renowned clan was an ancient Gaelic family originally descended from Fiachrach, the fifth son of King Niall of the Nine Hostages. Members of the O'Quigg clan were notable inhabitants of the region of Mayo and Sligo in Connacht, Ireland.

The O'Quiggs were renowned as fierce warriors and loyal defenders of their home and family. They were known for their strong honour and were respected by their fellow Irish clans. Despite the fact that the O'Quiggs lost much of their ancestral lands in 1242, numerous members of this clan continued to serve and protect their homeland until the 19th century.

The O'Quiggs served loyally in the Irish forces during the 1798 rebellion and the Irish Civil War of 1922. In modern times, the name O'Quigg is still associated with courage, loyalty, and strength. It is a proud name that carries a deep and rich history of great Irish independence and pride.

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O'Quigg: Where does the name O'Quigg come from?

The last name O'Quigg is associated with the the Clan MacQuiggan, which is believed to be originally from Sligo, Ireland. It is still common throughout Ireland, with roughly 1,240 individuals in the country currently bearing the last name.

The name can also be found in parts of the United States and Canada. Many members of the Clan MacQuiggan emigrated from Ireland during the Great Irish Famine of the mid-19th century, settling in parts of the United States such as Massachusetts, New York and Pennsylvania. In particular, the Pittsfield, Massachusetts area is known to have had a large influx of Irish immigrants, including those with the last name O'Quigg.

The name is less common in other parts of the world, including Australia and New Zealand, although there are some families believed to have emigrated to these countries after leaving Ireland.

In overall terms, O'Quigg is a relatively uncommon name. However, there are still O'Quigg families living in many parts of the world, especially throughout Ireland and in parts of the United States and Canada.

Variations of the surname O'Quigg

The surname O'Quigg has a rich variety of variants, spellings, and names associated with its origin.

The most common variants of the name are listed below:

• O'Quigg

• OQuig

• O'Quig

• OQuigg

• OQuigg

• Quigg

• MacQuigg

• MacQuige

• MacQuigge

• MacQuig

• MacCuig

• MacHuche

• McHugh

• O'Rules

• OQuiggles

• O'Quiggles

Other variants include:

• Quiggley

• Quigley

• Quigly

• McQuiggan

• Quiggan

• Quiggins

• Quiggin

The different European countries may have slightly varied the suffixes associated with the surname, such as 'ac' in Scotland, 'ick' or 'agh' in Ireland, 'uc' in Wales, and 'ch' in Germany, creating even more derivations.

Given its Irish roots, O'Quigg may have been Anglicised from the Gaelic surnames Mac Cuig, Mac Hume or Mac Uidhir. The ‘Cuig’ element comes from the Gaelic "cuig", meaning five, indicating a nickname of a fifth son in the family. The 'Hume' element may be derived from the forename 'Aodh' which means 'fire', whilst the Uidhir version may refer to a 'weaver' of wool.

In conclusion, although the primary spelling of the surname O’Quigg remains popular, the different variants, spellings, and surname variations reflect the rich diversity of its initial Irish roots.

Famous people with the name O'Quigg

  • Major General Thomas O'Quigg: United States Marine Corps officer who served in World War I and World War II
  • Owen O'Quigg: American film actor who appeared in several Western silent films in the late 1910s and early 20s
  • Luke O'Quigg: Irish writer, scholar, actor, and prolific publisher
  • Paddy O'Quigg: Irish writer and Nationalist politician
  • Gavin O'Quigg: American actor and musician who has appeared in films, television shows, and video games
  • Isobel O'Quigg: Australian soap opera actress best known for her role on the soap opera "Home and Away"
  • Larry O'Quigg: American actor and voiceover artist who has appeared in numerous films and commercials
  • Dee O'Quigg: American comic book artist and illustrator
  • Margo O'Quigg: American folk singer and songwriter who has released several albums since the late 1990s
  • Sean O'Quigg: Irish-American musician who is best known for being a member of the alternative rock band The Blarney Boys

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