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Surname O'Quinlan - Meaning and Origin

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O'Quinlan: What does the surname O'Quinlan mean?

The last name O'Quinlan is a historically significant Irish surname, with its origins in the Gaelic language. The name is an anglicized phonetic version of the Irish name "O Cuinneagain", which translates into "descendant of a hound." It is thought to be derived from the Gaelic word "ceann" meaning "head" and "cú" also meaning "hound". This suggests the ancient name-bearer was a leader or head of a hound pack.

The O'Quinlan clan was a powerful one in third century Ireland and were credited with being the primary custodians of a historic book of genealogies. This suggests the family was of particularly high social standing and prominence during the period. During this time the O'Quinlan name was found throughout the western coastal regions of Ireland and beyond, including counties Mayo and Galway.

The Irish Famine of the 1840s saw a mass exodus of the O'Quinlan clan to North America and around the world. The Irish diaspora today is represented by descendants of this once powerful clan in many corners of the world.

In Irish culture, this surname evokes a sense of strength, loyalty, and courage, together with a connection to the ancient past.

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O'Quinlan: Where does the name O'Quinlan come from?

The last name O'Quinlan is most commonly found in Ireland and the United Kingdom today.

In Ireland, the O'Quinlan surname is most commonly found in County Cork, in the southwest of the country. It is estimated that more than 400 people in the Republic of Ireland currently bear the name. This surname appears mainly in the province of Munster, with the majority of the O'Quinlan families found in County Cork.

In England the surname is most commonly found in the counties of Lancashire and Yorkshire, and other areas of the northwest of England. The O'Quinlan name also occurs in various towns and villages throughout the country, with significant numbers of individuals recorded in rural communities like East and West Ridings, in the historic county of Yorkshire, as well as in London and the southeast of England.

In Scotland, O'Quinlan is not a particularly common name, although smaller concentrations of the surname can be found in some parts of the country.

As a result of global migration, the O'Quinlan surname has also been found in countries across the world, such as the United States, Australia, and Canada. Individuals bearing the name can often be found in larger towns and cities in these regions.

Variations of the surname O'Quinlan

The surname O'Quinlan is an anglicised form of an Irish surname, which originated in a place called Cuincheallain. This name has been passed down from generation to generation, and has been modified throughout the centuries. Variants of this name may include O'Quinlen, O'Quinlan, Quinlen, Quinlan, Quinlivan, and Quinlawn. It is also an uncommon name, so many families may have simply anglicised their variant of the word to blend in better in the area they had moved to.

The O' prefix generally means 'descendant of', so the root of the name could come from various cultures of shared descent. Many variants of this name could be present, such as O'Cuincheallain, O'Quininn, O'Quinton and even Connelly. It is also possible that in certain instances, the name could have evolved from a different root word such as O'Coinnleach which could mean "from the marsh".

The variations of the name makes it more difficult to trace family history, and may have now been separated into many different branches across the world. There is also the possibility of a different spelling of the name if a person were to migrate away from their homeland and to other countries. This is because certain letters may be pronounced differently in different languages.

Due to the sheer number of variants of the name, it is impossible to be sure who all descend from the same familial tree. But what is certain is that the O'Quinlan surname is still alive and thriving today.

Famous people with the name O'Quinlan

  • Colman O'Quinlan: Irish-American actor, wife of actor Tony Curtis.
  • Michael O'Quinlan: American businessman and philanthropist.
  • June O'Quinlan: American athlete and first female Hall Of Fame Basketball player.
  • Terry O'Quinlan: American actor and model.
  • Kevin O'Quinlan: Irish-Australian actor best known for playing Nicky Cassidy in Home and Away.
  • Zachary O'Quinlan: American model, actor, and singer.
  • Fiona O'Quinlan: Irish folk singer and songwriter.
  • Aidan O'Quinlan: Irish folk musician and composer.
  • Darby O'Quinlan: American actor, known for roles in television shows such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Nurse Jackie.
  • Niall O'Quinlan: Irish actor, best known for roles in Brooklyn and Brave New World.
  • Emily O'Quinlan: American fashion designer, founder of the successful clothing label Emily O'Quinlan.
  • Mark O'Quinlan: Irish-born entrepreneur and philanthropist.
  • Lorraine O'Quinlan: American singer, songwriter and artist.
  • Rilee O'Quinlan: American actress, voiceover artist and singer.
  • Barry O'Quinlan: Irish actor and author best known for his novels and television series, Marooned.

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