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Surname O Carroll - Meaning and Origin

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O Carroll: What does the surname O Carroll mean?

The surname O'Carroll is of Irish origin and has Gaelic roots, derived from the Gaelic name "O'Cearbhaill," which means "descendant of Cearbhal." The term "Cearbhal" itself is believed to mean "hacking with a weapon" in Gaelic, indicating that the person may have been a fierce warrior or soldier. The name was first found in counties Tipperary and Offaly where the O'Carroll family held a family seat from ancient times, long before Norman invasion of Ireland in 1171. Over time, the family broke into multiple branches, and the name can be found in various forms such as O'Carroll, Carroll, Carrol among others.

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O Carroll: Where does the name O Carroll come from?

The last name O'Carroll originates from Ireland and is linked to the Gaelic "O Cearbhaill," which means "valiant in battle." It is associated with several distinct Irish families, primarily from the counties of Offaly, Tipperary, Kerry, and Monaghan.

The name is derived from "cearbhall" signifying "hacking with a weapon". This name was adopted by a number of distinct septs, clans or branches of a clan, in several parts of Ireland. The most notable sept was located in Ely O'Carroll, now the baronies of Ballybrit and Clonlisk in the counties of Offaly and Tipperary.

Today, the last name O'Carroll is still common in Ireland, and due to Irish diaspora, it can also be found in many other countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

Notable people with the surname include Charles O’Carroll, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives during the early 19th century; and Thomas O'Carroll, a 20th-century Irish composer and musician.

Variations of the surname O Carroll

The surname O Carroll has quite a few variations and is of Irish origin. This surname is derived from the Gaelic name "O Cearbhaill," meaning "descendant of Cearbhall," an Irish king of Eile. Cearbhall is a personal name that means "lovable."

Variations of the surname include Carroll, Carrol, Carrell, Caryl, Carell, Caroll, Karrol, Karryll, Carling, Carville, O'Carroll, O'Carrol, and O'Karroll among others. It's common in Irish surnames for the "O" to be dropped at times, thus providing a further set of variations.

Spelling variations occurred due to changes in the pronunciation and spelling standards, translation errors, and the lack of consistent spelling rules in the early centuries, among other reasons.

It's significant to note that the different spellings of a surname do not necessarily mean that people who bear different spellings are unrelated. People often modified their own names or had the modifications done by others due to illiteracy or translation from Gaelic to English and back. These spelling variations often led to the creation of "branch" families with different surnames.

Famous people with the name O Carroll

  • Brendan O'Carroll: An Irish writer, producer, comedian, actor, and director, best known for playing Agnes Brown in the BBC sitcom "Mrs. Brown's Boys."
  • Jennifer Gibney O'Carroll: An Irish actress, married to Brendan O'Carroll, also known for her involvement in "Mrs. Brown's Boys".
  • Danny O'Carroll: Brendan O’Carroll’s son, he plays the character of Buster on the show "Mrs. Brown's Boys."
  • Colin O' Carroll: Brother of Danny O'Carroll, he too is associated with "Mrs. Brown's Boys."
  • Fiona O'Carroll: Daughter of Brendan O’Carroll, she acts in the sitcom "Mrs. Brown's Boys."
  • Eilish O'Carroll: Sister to Brendan O'Carroll, she also features in "Mrs. Brown's Boys".
  • Dermot O'Carroll: A Canadian soccer coach, he was previously a professional footballer.
  • Brian O'Carroll: He represented the United States at the 1936 Summer Olympics.
  • Garry O'Carroll: An Australian professional rugby league footballer of the 1970s.
  • Lorcan O'Carroll: An Irish professional footballer.
  • Amanda Woods O' Carroll: She is wife of Brendan O'Carroll's son Danny O'Carroll and is an actress in the "Mrs. Brown's boys". These individuals are perhaps the most notable of the many people bearing the O'Carroll surname.

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