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Surname Ó Daimhín - Meaning and Origin

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Ó Daimhín: What does the surname Ó Daimhín mean?

The Irish surname Ó Daimhín (pronounced “oh DAY-veen”) derives from both the Gaelic ó Daimín, which means “grandson of Damhín”, and the Old Irish daimim, which means “venom”. In some cases, the Ó Daimhín surname may be a variant of the ó Damhán, meaning “grandson of Damhán.”

The Ó Daimhín surname indicates a long Irish ancestry, tracing its roots all the way back to the 10th century. The Damhán family is said to have descended from the Dal gCais people, an Irish tribe that had previously ruled in the area of modern Clare and Tipperary. The Dal gCais is known for producing such great leaders as Brian Boru, who would eventually become King of Ireland.

The Ó Daimhín surname also denotes a family that is highly respected in Irish genealogical circles, with branches found not only in direct descendants but also in other Irish surnames. While it is likely that many of the Ó Daimhín families have since scattered across the globe, the distinguishing surname remains a reminder of both their proud Irish heritage and of the accomplishments of the Damhán family.

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Ó Daimhín: Where does the name Ó Daimhín come from?

The last name Ó Daimhín is still quite common in Ireland today. Its roots can be traced back to the 8th century, when the O'Damhains (the "descendants of Daimhín") settled and farmed in the Corca Dhuibhne region along the Dingle Peninsula. The family was eventually driven away by Cromwell but it is thought that a few remained in the area and others migrated to the Dingle-Cork region.

Today, the O'Damhains are concentrated mainly in Dingle, Kerry, Cork, and Waterford but can also be found in other parts of Ireland. The more recent incarnations of the name include Ó Daimhín, Ó Damháin, Damhán, and (in English) Davin.

In Dingle, it's not uncommon to find statues, monuments, and street names honoring the legacy of the O'Damhains; one prominent example being the Ó Daimhín crest on An Díseart, a visitor centre based at a historic site dedicated to the family's heritage. Further evidence of the family's history can be found in places like Cork, where the street name Ó Daimhín retains the family's legacy, and in Waterford City, where the well-known pub is named Ó Daimhín's.

To this day, then, the Ó Daimhín is still common throughout much of Ireland, its roots and story kept alive through street and place names, monuments, and local traditions.

Variations of the surname Ó Daimhín

The surname Ó Daimhín is an ancient Irish name originating from the Dál gCais clan. The root of this surname is 'Ó Daimhín', derived from the personal name 'Domhnall'. It is also spelled 'Ó Daimhínn' and 'O'Daimhin'. Early records in the Irish language from the 16th and 17th century spell the surname 'Ó Daighmin' and 'Ó Daiginse'.

Variants of the Ó Daimhín surname include O'Dempesy, Dempsey, Dimpsy, Diempsey, Diamondsy, Dempseigh, Dimpeigh, Dempsy, and Diemsigh. Ancient spellings of the surname may also include 'Ó Daingeona' or 'O'Daingeona', in which the root of the surname is brought forward to the ancient Irish name 'Dáne', meaning 'luasse'.

Originally, the Ó Daimhín surname was associated with County Clare and County Limerick in Ireland, where the family served as poets, historians and storytellers to the royal families of the region. Over the centuries, the clan spread across Europe, and its variants took root in countries such as France, England, and America.

Today, the Demsey variant of the Ó Daimhín surname remains widely popular in Ireland, and it has also become the most common form of the name in the United States, as modern American immigration records often mispronounced the original Irish version of the name.

Famous people with the name Ó Daimhín

  • Proinsias Ó Daimhín, Irish Language Writer and Broadcaster
  • Liam Ó Daimhín, Irish Actor, Writer, Singer, and Musician
  • Kíla Le Ó Daimhín, Irish Traditional Folk Musician
  • Fergus Ó Daimhín, Irish Stage & Film Actor
  • Anna Ó Daimhín, Irish Singer, Musician and Songwriter
  • Tadgh Ó Daimhín, Irish Professional Rugby Player
  • Cáit Ó Daimhín, Irish Actress & Singer
  • Maeve Ó Daimhín, Irish Professional Musician
  • Johnny Ó Daimhín, Irish Entertainer and Broadcaster
  • Clare Ó Daimhín, Irish Traditional Musician

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