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Surname Ó Dubhdara - Meaning and Origin

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Ó Dubhdara: What does the surname Ó Dubhdara mean?

The last name Ó Dubhdara is an Irish name originating in County Clare. This name is made up of two Gaelic words, 'Ó' meaning grandson of or descendant of, and 'Dubhdara', meaning a dark oak tree. Thus, the name Ó Dubhdara, literally translates to 'Descendant of the Dark Oak Tree.'

This name would likely have been given to a family of people who have descended from someone or something related to a dark oak tree. The oak tree is a sacred symbol in Irish mythology, representing strength, power, and endurance. Those given this name would carry the ideals of protection, prompting those with the name to be strong as an oak, reliable as an oak, and to offer refuge and shelter like an oak tree.

The surname Ó Dubhdara is associated with those of Almerican and Maccon, two of the nationally most-used Anglicized variations. Despite its confusing spelling, the name is still relatively common in Ireland today and many people with the surname continue to honor the ideals of strength, power, and endurance that the dark oak tree inspires.

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Ó Dubhdara: Where does the name Ó Dubhdara come from?

The last name Ó Dubhdara is common today in many parts of Ireland. The Irish name, which is sometimes spelled O'Dubhdara, is derived from the old Irish surname Dubhdara, meaning "dark oak". The name was originally used to describe a person of dark complexion. Over time, it eventually became a surname.

Today, the name is still found mainly in Ireland, primarily in the areas stretching from Cork to Galway. It is also common in Northern Ireland, particularly in the Ulster area. In fact, in the most recent census, over 500 people living in Northern Ireland identified themselves as having the surname Ó Dubhdara.

The Ó Dubhdara name is not limited to Ireland, however. In other parts of the world, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, the surname is still carried by many people of Irish descent. It is also found in countries with large numbers of Irish immigrants such as Canada, Argentina, and New Zealand.

Today, the name still symbolizes an indelible part of Irish culture, and continues to be widely used by families who trace their ancestry back to the Emerald Isle. Its presence throughout the world is a testament to the lasting legacy of the Irish people and their culture.

Variations of the surname Ó Dubhdara

The surname Ó Dubhdara, also known as "Ó Dubhda," is a very old Irish name meaning "dark oak." It is of Gaelic origin and comes from the local chiefs of Uí Dhubhda, now known as the parish of Kilbanniv in County Mayo. The name is believed to have emerged from the Uí Fhlannchaidh family which was the predominant family of the place. Many variants, spellings, and surnames of this name exist today, including:

-Ó Dubháin


-Ó Dubhdaraigh

-Ó Dochartaigh



-Ó Dubhdháir



-Ó Nuadháin



-Ó Duill




-Ó Domhnalláin

-Ó Dubada





The surnames Ó Dubhdara or Ó Dubhda have an extensive history which can be traced back to medieval times in Ireland and Scotland. The name was historically used to identify the descendants of the chiefs of the Uí Dhubhda royal family and the clan was renowned for its prowess in battle. Today, there are around 200 people in Ireland alone who share this surname. This name is mainly found in the counties of Mayo,Galway,Cork, and Roscommon in Ireland. In addition, its bearers can now be found in other countries, including the USA, Australia, and Canada.

Famous people with the name Ó Dubhdara

  • Brian Ó Dubhdara—Irish musician, songwriter, leader of the traditional music band Na fleadhanna Ó Dhibhdhara
  • Leo Ó Dubhdara—Irish actor, writer and director who has worked in both television and movies
  • Donncha Ó Dubhdara—Irish writer, poet and playwright from Donoughmore, County Cork
  • Seosaimhín Ó Dubhdara—Irish Gaelic language scholar, journalist and broadcaster
  • Pádraig Ó Dubhdara—former Irish Fianna Fáil politician who served from 1997-2002 as Teachta Dála for the Cork West constituency
  • Peadar Ó Dubhdara—Irish handball coach with over two decades of coaching experience
  • Pádraic Ó Dubhdara—Irish poet, storyteller and athlete who competed in the 2006 Winter Olympic Games
  • Seán Ó Dubhdara—Irish sculptor who won the Hennessy Portrait Award for his work in 1976.
  • Nuala Ó Dubhdara—Irish journalist and presenter of the morning show on Irish radio station Lyric FM
  • Eamon Ó Dubhdara— Irish composer and organist who is known for his innovative style of contemporary music

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