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Unraveling the Enigmatic Surprises in the Oliver Lineage: A Discover of Transcontinental Ancestry via iGENEA DNA Test

Family name Oliver

The exploration into my heritage through the iGENEA DNA test yielded unexpected twists and turns, particularly about my surname, Oliver. Anticipating a purely British lineage, I was startled by my Phoenician roots, connections to the ancient Egyptian royal family, links to Spain, Portugal, and a lineage traced back to Celtic tribes in Ireland and Scotland.

The journey into my ancestry through the iGENEA DNA test delivered unexpected surprises and twists, challenging my preconceived notions about the origins of my surname, Oliver. I had always assumed our lineage dated back to the British Isles, given the English sound of the name. Truthfully, I expected stories of medieval knights, castles, and Shakespearean lore. But, the results were far from what I had envisaged.

The first startling discovery was that my Oliver lineage could be traced back to ancient Phoenicia. Who would have thought that my ancestors were not English, but Phoenician traders venturing across the Mediterranean sea to the British Isles over 2000 years ago?

The second significant revelation was a distinct connection to the historical royal family in ancient Egypt. I was astonished to discover that one of my ancient maternal forebears belonged to the Ptolemaic dynasty. Suddenly, Cleopatra isn't just a historical figure; she's a distant relative!

My patriarchal DNA was also revealed to contain markers indicative of the Iberian Peninsula — an intimate link to families from Spain and Portugal. Shared genetic material led me down an unanticipated path, revealing Sephardic Jewish roots that were largely obscured by the forced conversions during the Spanish Inquisition in the 15th century.

Another unexpected turn was the strong tie to the Celtic tribes of ancient Ireland and Scotland. I always had a fondness for the Emerald Isle and the rugged Highlands, and this genetic discovery makes me feel even more connected.

The test also revealed several important genetic matches from different parts of the world, including contacts located in France, Spain, Italy, and even North Africa. This indicates that the Oliver lineage is far from being confined to one region, as I first believed.

In conclusion, the iGENEA DNA test has expanded zoomorphic boundaries of my family narrative and identity. My surname, Oliver, carries echoes of ancient seafarers, royal dynasties, persecuted believers, and Celtic tribes. It's a far cry from the conventional English history I initially imagined, but it's undeniably more fascinating.

H. Oliver

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