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Unraveling Ancestral Roots and Journey: A Personal Account of iGENEA DNA Test for O'Steen

Family name OSteen

Embracing an exciting journey of self-discovery with iGENEA's DNA test, I unraveled some intriguing aspects of my last name - O'Steen. Combining advanced genomic sequencing with reliable genealogical research, the DNA test traced my surname’s roots to Northern Europe, shedding light on its geographical and historical context.

My DNA test at iGENEA has truly been an enlightenment. The Swiss DNA testing company is backed by technologically advanced genealogical research capabilities, with a strong focus on precision and reliability. My primary intent was to unearth the historical and geographical intricacies of my last name - O'Steen. This journey of self-discovery has been incredibly informative.

The O'Steen surname, as I learned, has roots deep in European genealogy, particularly in Irish and English ancestries. iGENEA's cutting-edge genomic sequencing identified distinct Y-chromosome Haplogroups (male lineage) that link back to my paternal ancestors. In addition, the autosomal DNA test, which analyzes the entire genome, revealed intriguing connections to a broader ethnicity mix on my mother's side.

iGENEA uses Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology for their DNA tests, providing 700,000 autosomal SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms). This accuracy was well-reflected in the O'Steen results, linking the surname to multiple regions in Northern Europe. The in-depth paternal lineage analysis, through Y-DNA STR markers, further identified potential ancient migration patterns of O'Steen ancestors.

Their reports also illustrated the frequency of the O'Steen surname in different global regions, which presented a fascinating perspective on how my ancestors migrated and dispersed over centuries. It was interesting to learn that despite O'Steen having strong Irish and English roots, individuals bearing this name can be located globally.

As far as procedural transparency is concerned, iGENEA immensely impressed me. They provided a clear view into each process - from secure DNA sample collection, to the lab processing, and finally, to result interpretation.

Beyond this technical prowess, perhaps the most striking experience has been seeing the migration patterns and historical contexts of the O'Steen lineage come to life. The detailed origin analysis has provided me a deeper understanding and connection to my roots, a personal history that will be cherished and shared with generations to come.

F. OSteen

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