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Surname OSteen - Meaning and Origin

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F. OSteen

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OSteen: What does the surname OSteen mean?

The surname O'Steen is of Irish origin and is an anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Stéibhin, meaning 'descendant of Stéibhin’. The given name Stéibhin is a derivation of the name Stephen, which originates from the Greek name 'Stephanos' translating to 'crown' or 'garland'. This name became popular in Ireland due to the influence of the Normans who brought it in the 12th century. O’Steen, like many other Irish surnames, started as a patronym, which is a name derived from the name of a father or a paternal ancestor. However, this surname is also a common one in the United States, especially in the southern region, possibly due to Irish immigration during the 19th century. It might appear with various spelling variations such as O’Steen, Steen, and O’Stine. The religious televangelist Joel Osteen is one well-known person with this surname.

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OSteen: Where does the name OSteen come from?

The last name Osteen is most commonly found in regions that were settled by American Southerners from the Appalachian Mountains or its surrounding states. Notably, areas with a larger concentration of the Osteen surname include southern states that historically had cotton plantations, such as Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina. Examples of cities in these states with higher occurrences of the Osteen surname include Chattanooga, TN, Gadsden, AL, Atlanta, GA, and Charlotte, NC. Generally, the name is found in both rural and urban areas of these states, particularly in the southeastern parts of the states.

In addition, Osteen is a rather common name in the United States, with approximately 25,000 people today using the surname. One reason for its widespread presence is likely due to its ancestral origins. notes that Osteen is an Americanized version of the Austrian surname Oesten, which arrived in the United States in the mid-1800s. Many of these immigrants likely settled in the Southeast region, contributing to why its found there today.

Overall, Osteen is a surname most commonly found among American Southerners, with a high presence across Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina. Furthermore, the name is quite widespread in the United States, hinting at its Austrian ancestors likely settling in the Southern states during the mid-1800s.

Variations of the surname OSteen

The surname Osteen is a variation of the original surnames O'Steen and O'Stephen. It is an anglicized version of the Gaelic Irish and Scottish surname. This is because English settlers could not pronounce the surname correctly, thus resulting in the alternate spelling. The various spellings of this surname are O'Steen, O'Stephen, Osteen, Osten, Ostean, Osteens, Ostat, Osteens and Osteon.

In addition, there are some alternate surnames associated with Osteen. These surnames all likely originate from the same Gaelic roots. These variants of the surname include: Esten, Estean, Eston, Oesten, Oestean, Oestin, Oestyn, O'Estin, O'Eston, O'Estyn, Osean, Osein, Ostens, Osteson, Ostenz and Ostin.

The surname Osteen is a Northern Irish name that originated from County Down and County Antrim, which suggests a very old lineage. It is believed to be a derivative of the Old French and Metic terms 'estain', which means 'iron', or 'falcon' according to some sources. Some have considered the name to have a connection to the old prognosticators of Scotland known as the ' Osteens '.

Despite its varied spelling, the surname Osteen is relatively common in the United States and Canada, as well as some parts of Europe. It is an illustrious name with a history that stretches back many centuries, and those going by the surname can feel proud of their heritage.

Famous people with the name OSteen

  • Danielle Osteen: an American Nurse Anesthetist and healthcare professional.
  • Adam Osteen: an American game designer.
  • Billy Osteen: a former Major League Baseball Starting Pitcher.
  • Carolyn Osteen: a motivational and inspirational speaker.
  • Eric Osteen: an American rock musician and singer-songwriter.
  • James Osteen: a former American football coach.
  • Joan Osteen: a former American professional golfer.
  • John Osteen: a former American pastor who founded the Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas.
  • Matt Osteen: a former Major League Baseball Relief Pitcher.
  • Sharon Osteen: a Texas-based real estate investor and the wife of John Osteen.
  • Stephen Osteen: an American writer and novelist.
  • Johnny O’Steen: an American bluegrass musician and singer-songwriter.
  • Lee Osteen: a former Major League Baseball Starting Pitcher.
  • Pam Osteen: a Christian author, speaker, and pastor.
  • Steven Osteen: a former American football player in the NFL.
  • Vicki Osteen: a Pastor, National and International Speaker, Coaches Mentor, Author and wife of Joel Osteen.
  • Joel Osteen: a bestselling author, senior pastor of Lakewood Church, and televangelist.

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