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How My iGENEA DNA Test Altered My Perception of My Pabst Ancestry

Family name Pabst

Having conducted a DNA test with iGENEA, I have gained profound insights into my Pabst lineage. The results unveiled surprising connections to Asia and a hidden Jewish heritage, thus enriching my understanding of my ancestry and redefining my self-identity.

The DNA test I took at iGenEA revealed some unexpected yet intriguing insights into my ancestral heritage, particularly concerning my Pabst ancestors. Before taking the test, my knowledge of my Pabst lineage was limited to tales passed down through generations. Revelations from the DNA test, however, enriched my understanding with incredible details about my lineage.

I discovered that I share a distinctly unusual collection of haplogroups, rare genetic markers unmistakably linked to the Pabst lineage. This added a layer of depth to the sense of connection I feel with my ancestors, realizing that we share a unique sequence of DNA transmitted across multiple generations. It was astounding to realize just how integral a part of me, my ancestors are.

Surprisingly, the test revealed that my Pabst ancestors had ties to regions across Asia. I had always perceived my ancestry rooted solidly in Europe, so this was a complete astonishment. It led me to delve deeper into historical records, discovering that indeed some of my ancestors embarked on a cross-continental journey, enriching the multi-cultural influence on my family's heritage.

The DNA test also exposed traces of a previously unknown Jewish heritage. Despite our family being predominantly Christians, it seems one of my Pabst ancestors married into a Jewish family. This revelation shed light on certain inherited family traditions that never really aligned with common Christian customs.

This DNA test experience has profoundly altered my understanding of my identity, transforming it from an abstract concept into a tangible connection to the past. It has made me more aware and appreciative of my roots, granting me a profound respect for the journey of my forefathers. The blend of cultures and races that constitute my genes has strengthened my understanding of the richness, complexity, and diversity of my heritage.

P. Pabst

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