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Surname Paelz - Meaning and Origin

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Paelz: What does the surname Paelz mean?

The last name Paelz is of German origin and is believed to derive from the personal name "Paelz". The name is derived from the Germanic word "Paulin," which means 'humble.' This was likely a reference to a quality or characteristic of the original bearer of the name.

The earliest known reference to the last name is in a village record of 1472 in Vogelsberg, Germany, in which a man named Johann Paelz was documented as the village doctor. In addition to Germany, the surname is also found in Poland and Austria, although Paelz's descendants who migrated to the United States at the end of the 19th century are mainly concentrated in the Midwest.

The surname Paelz is still common in parts of Germany, making it one of the most common names in the country. It is also slowly growing in popularity among German-American families in the United States.

Generally speaking, the surname Paelz likely refers to a person with humble roots and character. This could mean that the bearer of the name was an honest, kind, and principled individual who placed a high value on hard work and integrity. These qualities would have served the original bearers of the name Paelz very well, both in their homeland of Germany and in the United States, where they eventually made their homes.

Overall, the last name Paelz is an interesting piece of German history. It likely reflects the humble origins of those who first bore the name, and continues to be shared as a reminder of the hard work and integrity put forth by the original bearers of this distinguished name.

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Paelz: Where does the name Paelz come from?

The last name Paelz is most commonly found in the countries of Germany and Austria. Today, it is estimated that there are over 2,000 people with this name living in Germany and nearly 500 in Austria. It is believed to be a name of Germanic origin and was originally spelled "Paelz".

Alternate spellings of the last name Paelz are also still common in some areas, including Pälz, Paelzner, Palz, Palzner, Pallzner and Pelzner. This last name is not very common outside of German-speaking countries, although it is sometimes found in the US and UK.

The vast majority of those with this last name can trace their roots back to Germany. Records show a Christlag Pehzner of Bavaria was born in 1656, and a Johann Peilsner of Hessen-Darmstadt was born in 1681. Additionally, the name is found in the historical records of Austria, where Johann Peilsner, a surgon from Vienna, is referenced in historical records in 1719.

It is believed that the original bearer of this last name was related to an important house and was granted the name or title in order to differentiate themselves from other families with the same name.

Variations of the surname Paelz

Paelz is a German surname derived from the Old German word "palladaz," meaning "plowman." The German spelling of the name is Pälz or Pälzle, while variants of the name include Pältz, Paehlz, Pailz, Paeltz, and Pahls. The variants of the surname can also be found in numerous other languages, including Dutch, Danish, Czech, and Hungarian.

In Dutch, Paelz is spelled as "Paalz," in Danish, it is spelt as "Palles," and in Czech and Hungarian, it has been modified to "Pálz" and "Pálzs," respectively. The name can also be found in Italian as "Pàls" and in Polish as "Pals," and Spanish as "Páles" or "Pález."

Similarly, the surname can be found in various spellings on different English language records, such as "Palz," "Paulz," and "Paulzs." Additionally, the surname can also be found in anglicized spelling forms such as "Pals," "Pouls," and "Pouss." All these variations are related to the original German surname, Paelz.

Overall, Paelz is a German surname with a variety of different variants, spellings, and surnames that all share the same origin. Although the origin of the name has always remained the same, language and country have influenced the various variations of the name, allowing for multiple possibilities of spellings.

Famous people with the name Paelz

  • Wolfgang Paalzow, German actor
  • Susanne Paalzow, Danish Olympic equestrian
  • Peter Paelz, Australian professional golfer
  • Rolf Paelz, German jazz musician
  • Bernd Paelz, German football player
  • Claus-Dieter Paelz, German sprint canoer
  • Jan- Surend Paelz, Dutch international table tennis player
  • Heinrich Paelz, German Wehrmacht soldier in World War II
  • Nathalie Paelz, German cultural journalist
  • Ana Paelz, Spanish show jumping rider
  • Mio Paellz, Swedish singer
  • Maximilian Paellz, German magazine editor
  • Heribert Paelz, German sailor in the 1992, 1996 and 2000 Olympic Games
  • Markus Paellz, German actor
  • Miho Paellz, Japanese Japanese professional racing cyclist
  • Mijel Paelz, Croatian feminist historian
  • Rudolf Paelz, German film producer
  • Steffen Paelz, German cyclist
  • Zach Paelz, American professional baseball player
  • Paola Paelz, Italian-Brazilian artist
  • Stacey Paelz, American actress
  • Sebastian Paelz, German footballer
  • Todd Paelz, Canadian darts player
  • John Paelz, American realist painter
  • Anabel Paelz, Argentinian contemporary musician
  • Liliana Paelz, Swiss neurobiologist
  • Bryon Paelz, American park ranger
  • Fabiana Paelz, Brazilian environmental educator
  • Jamie Paelz, American voice actor
  • Christina Paelz, American comic book artist

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