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Surname Pagel - Meaning and Origin

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Pagel: What does the surname Pagel mean?

The origins of the last name Pagel can be traced back to Germany in the Middle Ages. It is a toponymic surname derived from the German word “pagel” meaning pond or marsh. According to ancient records, the Pagel family lived near or around a body of water, such as a pond or marsh.

Throughout the centuries, the surname Pagel has been known to exist in Germany, Belgium, Poland, France, and even in the United States. In places such as Germany, the name is common in the rural parts of the country, and its popularity spread to other parts of Europe later on.

The name Pagel can also be an occupational name referring to people who lived in areas with large bodies of water and were involved in marsh or lake fishing. In addition, some people who served as pagers or messengers in Germany and other parts of Europe took the surname Pagel.

Today, the last name Pagel is most commonly found in Germany, the United States, France, Belgium, and Poland. It is a relevant and unforgettable name which many of its descendants are proud to carry with them into the future.

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Pagel: Where does the name Pagel come from?

The last name Pagel is primarily found today in Germany, the United States, and Canada. In the U.S., most Pagels live in Wisconsin, New York, California, Illinois, Texas, and Pennsylvania. Internationally, the highest concentrations of Pagels can be found in Australia, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

The origin of the Pagel surname is believed to have stemmed from the German word pagel, which means a rent collector from the Middle Ages. Later, pagel became linked to the name for a pagan solider in the Teutonic Knights, which was a German army in the Middle Ages.

Today, the last name Pagel is most commonly seen in Bavaria, where it likely originated. It is also very popular in the states of Hesse and Baden-Württemberg, as well as areas that have significant German heritage, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, the U.K., and the Netherlands. In some areas, the Pagel surname is relatively rare and can be found mostly within families.

Given the German heritage of the family name, many members of the Pagel family still hold on to traditional German customs and culture. At national events in the U.S., such as 4th of July parades, individuals and families with the Pagel surname may proudly join the festivities and represent the old country.

Variations of the surname Pagel

The surname Pagel is derived from a Middle High German personal name which is composed of the elements “pah” meaning “box”, and “gela”, “hall” or “man.” As such, the meaning of the surname could be roughly translated to “box man” or “hall man.”

Variant spellings of this surname include Pahgel, Pagel, Pagels, Pahgels, Pahgeler, Paghel, Paghell, Pageler, Paghels, Pagell, and Pagell, among others.

Surnames of similar origin may include Pageler, Pfahls, Pahls, Paal, and Bigal, to name a few.

It is important to note, however, that surnames can take on a variety of forms and spellings, especially through several generations, meaning that there are likely many variants, spellings, and surnames that may have the same origin as Pagel.

If you are seeking to discover more about your family tree and the origin of your surname, researching more specific details about your ancestors as well as regionally specific surname origins could be a helpful starting point in expanding your family history. Additionally, consulting with genealogists or other experienced family tree research professionals can be a valuable resource in sorting through the vast information available.

Famous people with the name Pagel

  • Janet Pagel: Former member of the Wisconsin State Senate and Wisconsin Radio News owner
  • Kurt Pagel: American professional wrestler, MMA practitioner and referee
  • Phil Pagel: Production supervisor for television and film
  • Dan Pagel: Editor, Writer and Producer
  • Mike Pagel: American former professional football player
  • Rofina Pagel: Indonesian swimmer
  • Lorra Pagel: Actress, Competition horse rider
  • Tomas Pagel: Brazilian Artist
  • Bill Pagel: American college football coach and player
  • Silvana Pagel: Argentinina-born model

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