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Surname Page - Meaning and Origin

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Page: What does the surname Page mean?

The last name "Page" has French and English origins. In both, its meaning relates to a profession. In medieval times, a page was a young servant or trainee knight in a noble household, generally a boy of noble birth who was sent to another noble house to learn chivalry and warfare. The occupational name 'page' stems from this position. In French, it’s spelled as 'page' and pronounced as 'pahj'. Later, when surnames became a necessity due to bureaucratic reasons, people who held this position were identified by it and thus it became a hereditary surname. Not all Pages are related, as multiple people could take on the name simply because they held the job of a page. It's also worth considering the name could be geographical and relate to someone living by or at a 'page' - a portion or leaf of a book, as indicated in some old English meanings.

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Page: Where does the name Page come from?

The last name Page is still quite common in the United States today, often found among various families of British descent. In fact, the name is so widespread that it's said to be the 74th most common surname in the United States.

It's typically found among Irish, English, Scottish, French-Canadian and German-descended families. In English, the name originated from a term for a "servant" or a "page boy," although the name is believed to have other roots in France, Germany and other European countries.

In England, the Page name can still be seen in various places; it's most common in the East Midlands region. In addition, it's seen quite frequently in the United States, particularly in the Southern states where it likely originated from British immigration in the early days of American colonization.

In today's world, the Page surname is seen in many industries, from sports to politics to entertainment. Keith Urban, for instance, is the grandson of a Page, and the late astronaut Elliott See was also given the surname.

Ultimately, the last name Page continues to be quite common in the United States, where it often stands for a legacy of strong families of English, Irish, German and French-Canadian descent.

Variations of the surname Page

The surname Page has several variants, spellings, and derivatives of the same origin.

The most common variant of the surname Page is Payne. It is believed to have originated in France in the 11th Century, as an occupational name meaning “someone who was paid to serve in a lord’s household”.

Another variant is the spelling Paine, which also began in France. This variation is thought to mean “wood, governor, or steward.” The Paine spelling migrated to England and resulted in several additional variations such as Pain, Payn, and Pane.

The variant of Paget also begins its origin story in France and is derived from “the little page”. It is believed that French nobles and upper classes looked to hire small children as pages because of their eagerness to learn and serve. This variation is especially popular in the United Kingdom.

The variations of LePage and LaPage also start in France and have a similar origin story as Paget. They refer to someone who was in service to a monarch as a page or “emissary”.

Page is also a surname with Jewish origins, being derived from the Hebrew name Rab-yaGal.

In conclusion, Page is a surname with many variations, spellings, and derivatives of the same origin. Each of these variations has its own unique story, beginning in France but eventually leading to different spelling variations in England and Jewish origins in Hebrew.

Famous people with the name Page

  • Jimmy Page: British musician and founder of the rock band Led Zeppelin.
  • Larry Page: American entrepreneur, software engineer, and Internet pioneer; one of the founders of Google.
  • Priscilla Page: US-born Canadian comedian and actress.
  • Stephen Page: Australian dancer and choreographer of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent.
  • Nelson Page: American professional football player.
  • Trey Page: American baseball player.
  • Leon Page: US military veteran and former professional American football linebacker.
  • Steve Page: American singer/songwriter and former member of the rock band Barenaked Ladies.
  • Bob Page: American voice actor and stage manager.
  • Arnold Page: Canadian ice hockey player.
  • Mary Alice Page: American swing dancer.
  • Ebenezer H. Page: American politician and US Representative.
  • Ruth Page: American ballerina and choreographer.
  • Jeff Page: American professional wrestler better know as Hacksaw Jim Duggan.
  • Denny Page: American artist and sculptor.
  • Cynthia Page: Author and former model.
  • Tennie Lee Page: American author and newspaper editor.
  • Frederick MacMonnies Page: American sculptor and architect.
  • Tina Page: American permaculture designer and landscape architect.
  • John Page: US Navy admiral and Director of the US Marine Corps.

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