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Surname Pallor - Meaning and Origin

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Pallor: What does the surname Pallor mean?

The last name Pallor is derived from the Latin word pallor, which means "paleness" or "pallor". The name therefore indicates that the original bearer likely had a white or pale complexion, which would have been a relatively rare trait among the general population in many cultures throughout history. This could have been an admirable quality and have been a source of pride for family members, suggesting that the name was originally given to someone who was considered to be attractive.

The name has been around since the medieval period, and was likely carried by a number of important figures throughout history, such as Sicilian nobleman Signore de Pallor, who was active in the 15th century, and 18th-century Austrian theologian Monsignor de Pallor.

Most recently, the name is found in countries throughout Europe, but is particularly popular in Italy and France. It is also found in the United States, with a number of bearers listed in the American census records of the 19th and 20th centuries. Those with the name Pallor today may have a strong connection to their family's past, with a possible indication of a burnished family history.

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Pallor: Where does the name Pallor come from?

The last name Pallor is not very common and is mainly found in the United States and the United Kingdom. Of those two countries, the United States is the one where the last name Pallor is most often seen. Specifically, many of the Pallors come from the Appalachian regions of Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina. The last name can also be found in tracts of Pennsylvania and even further south into Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi.

Out of the US population, the last name Pallor is the 26,157th most frequent family name. It is particularly rare, however, in the United Kingdom, where the last name appears in records only sporadically. On the island nation, the last name Pallor is the 2,305,195th most common name recorded.

The origin of the name itself is likely of French French origin. Over time, the French name Peller or Pelleur potentially transposed into Pallor due to dialectic changes. Alternatively, the name could also have derived from the old English word “paelniere,” which was used to describe a person who worked with clay.

Today, the last name Pallor is relatively rare. It is most often seen in Appalachia and other U.S. regions, although sporadic appearances occur in the United Kingdom. Its French French origin ties the name directly to France, while alternative theories even point to an old English origin.

Variations of the surname Pallor

The surname Pallor has several variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. These can be found in various countries across Europe, with the closest related names found in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Catalonia.

The most common variant of the surname Pallor is Palayo, which is derived from the Latin word pallus, meaning a pale colour. The surname can also be found in Spain with spellings such as Palau, Palil, and Pallas. In Italy the spelling can be Paleari or Palermo and in Portugal it is Palli or Palliero. In Catalonia the surname can be found as Pallell or Palleres.

In some countries, the surname may be adapted to a local language. For instance, in Germany it is known as Paweller, and in France it is Pallard or Palain. In some countries, the spelling of the name has evolved over time, for instance in Spain it is now sometimes written as Pallo while in Italy it is often written as Palermo.

The surname Pallor is also related to a number of other surnames in various countries. In Italy, it may be related to the the surname Pamparo, in Portugal it is related to Palheiros and in Spain it may be related to the name Palacio.

Overall, while the main spelling of the surname Pallor is universally recognised around the world, there are many variations and related surnames which may be present in countries of different linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

Famous people with the name Pallor

  • Grey DeLisle-Griffin: American voice actress and singer-songwriter
  • Jerome K. Jerome: English writer, best known for writing Three Men in a Boat
  • Halestorm: American rock band
  • Carter Pallor: American producer, known for producing films such as The Dirt, The Big Lebowski, and Girl Interrupted
  • Martina Navratilova: Czech-American retired pro tennis player and coach
  • Joana Pallor: French-American singer, songwriter, and actress
  • Dave Pallone: American former professional baseball umpire
  • John Pallor: American classical pianist
  • Brady Pallor: American voice actor and YouTuber
  • Francis Pallor: English film and television director, known for his work on British television series such as Love Soup and The Hollow Crown.

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