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Surname Pallow - Meaning and Origin

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Pallow: What does the surname Pallow mean?

The surname Pallow does not have a specific, widely-accepted meaning identified in genealogical or surname reference sources. Like many surnames, it likely originated from a geographical location, trade, or ancestor's personal characteristic. It appears to have roots in Eastern European or Jewish cultures. Some believe it might be an anglicized or modified version of other surnames. However, without specific historical or genealogical evidence, this is speculative. Surnames can also evolve or change over time due to migration, language shifts and transcription errors, which can make tracing their origins challenging. Therefore, for a true understanding of the name's meaning or origin, a detailed genealogical research would be needed.

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Pallow: Where does the name Pallow come from?

The last name Pallow is primarily found in the United States. It is present in all 50 states, albeit with more prevalence in certain areas than others. The highest concentration of residents with this last name is found in states such as Virginia, New York, and Pennsylvania.

The last name is most common among communities of European ancestry, reflecting its probable origin as an Anglo-Saxon patronymic of a parent’s name. Almost every U.S. state has some presence of residents with the last name Pallow, ranging from small numbers in states like Wyoming to very sizeable populations in states such as Washington.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the Pallow last name is most populous among whites, who likely represent the original source population of the name. This is likely because of the historic prevalence of immigration from Europe for English language-speaking countries. Interestingly, some documentation also shows later variation in the spelling of the last name, such as Palloe or Pallown.

The Social Security Death Index also reveals some concentration of the last name in certain states, such as Kentucky, Indiana, and Michigan. It has also been found that several Pallows reside in Canada, primarily concentrated around the provinces of Ontario and Quebec in the eastern regions.

Overall, the last name Pallow is still common today in all existing countries across the continents, too.

Variations of the surname Pallow

The surname Pallow is derived from an Old Welsh personal name "Pawl" which is sometimes spelled as Paul. This surname is found in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and even parts of the United States. There are several variations in spelling for Pallow, including Pallo, Palow, Perry, Pawl, Paul, Pawley, and Pallows.

When the surname Pallow arrived in England with William the Conqueror in 1066, it was spelled with two l's, as Pallow. Over time, some of these spellings have changed to Pawl and Paul. In some cases, the spelling became Perry, which is an English patronymic name derived from Pawl or Pallow.

In Scotland, Pallow is an Anglicized form of the Highland Scottish Gaelic surname Mac a Phalaidh which also translates to "son of Paul." This is the Anglicized form of the Irish surname Mac Pháil, which is derived from the Gaelic Mac Pháil. This name is also Anglicized as McFall or McPhail in some cases.

In Wales, the spelling Pallow is still commonly used, and has been changed from its original form as the Welsh Paul or Pawl. This Welsh form of Pallow is sometimes anglicized as Pawley.

The different spelling variations of the same name, Pallow, all generally trace back to the same origin of the Welsh personal name, Pawl. In some cases, the spelling has changed over time due to regional influences, but many still maintain the same pronunciation and meaning with only minor variations in spelling.

Famous people with the name Pallow

  • Hannah Pallow: Hannah is an actor and writer, known for her roles in the films Come As You Are, Fat Girls and The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence).
  • Mark R. Pallow: Mark is an American actor and professor, best known for his roles in the films Carnosaur 2, Demon Wind and Day of the Dead II: Contagium
  • Brad Pallow: Brad is an American Entrepreneur, founder of the online shopping platform
  • Mark Pallow: Mark is a Swiss Entrepreneur and business coach, and founder of the digital marketing agency Mark Pallow & Co.
  • John Pallow: John is an American professor of Psychology at Stanford University. He is known for his research on stress and burnout.
  • Richard Pallow: Richard is a British businessman and founder of the investment management firm Portfolio Capital Management.
  • Thomas Pallow: Thomas is a French actor and filmmaker, best known for his performances in the films The Fly II and Miracle.
  • Matthew Pallow: Matthew is a Canadian actor, known for his roles in the filmsGunless and The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day.
  • Abigail Pallow: Abigail is an American producer and director, best known for her documentary projects on PBS and the BBC.
  • David Pallow: David is a British artist and author, known for his series of Ex Factor artworks and his book Seeing Pictures.

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