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Surname Paragenings - Meaning and Origin

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Paragenings: What does the surname Paragenings mean?

The last name Paragenings is a Slavic surname derived from "Peraga," which is a known place name of unknown origin. In the Czech Republic, it is more likely that the name originated from the Middle Low German phrase “pergene,” meaning “a strip of land or an allotment.”

It is possible that, through organic transfiguration, the root in “Peraga” lent itself to the similar-sounding but completely unrelated “Paragenings.” This theory is supported by certain records from the regions in which the surname is present, which indicate a migration of people from forests and rural areas into towns and villages.

The exact meaning of Paragenings is difficult to ascertain as the origin itself is uncertain, yet all theories point to the fact that it may have been derived from land-based roots. It is known that the Paragenings bearing the name can be found mainly in Central and Eastern Europe, particularly in the Czech Republic.

The few records available suggest that the Paragenings were an educated people and farmed land in the olden days, though we don’t know the exact history of the surname. Nevertheless, the etymology of Paragenings points to a history of landholding in regions with once plentiful farms and forests.

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Paragenings: Where does the name Paragenings come from?

The last name Paragenings is a comparatively rare name. It is common in the British Isles and across Western Europe, especially in the Netherlands, Denmark, and Germany. It has variants in Flanders, Italy, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, France, Ireland, and the British Isles. Paragenings most likely originates from the Germanic first name "Para" meaning "guardian," combined with the Old Norse term "geningr," meaning "son (of)".

In the United States, the Paragenings name is mainly found in New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. There are concentrated populations of Paragenings in cities and suburbs across the northeastern US, as well as in the Midwest and Far West.

Australians with the last name Paragenings are most likely to have ancestors from the Netherlands or Germany. The Paragenings name is also found in Australia's northern states of Queensland and New South Wales, as well as Victoria, and is most concentrated in the capital city, Canberra.

The Paragenings name is extremely unusual in Asia, but does exist in Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, and parts of China. The last name is also quite rare, but is beginning to gain popularity in African countries such as Kenya and Ghana.

In conclusion, the last name Paragenings is still common today in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Australasia. It is gaining increasing popularity in African and Asian countries, although remains comparatively rare throughout these regions.

Variations of the surname Paragenings

The variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin for the surname Paragenings are all derived from the Proto-Indo-European root word parag- meaning “to go forth” or “to appear”. The most common variations of the surname Paragenings include Paragening, Parageninge, Pergoning, Bergoning, Pargen, Pergen, Piergen, Perguen, Pirguen, Proeguen, Berguein, Perguinel, Paradeninge, Paradonnie, Paraginian, Piergiani, and Piergianni.

The surnames derived from this root word often have regional variations and spellings depending on what country the family is from. For example, in France the variations of the surname include Pergen, Prienguen, Pirguen, Prieguen, Pelguin, and Valguen. In Spain, the variant Paragenings can be spelled Paragolini, Pagolini, Pergoni, and Pirgoli. In Germany, the variants of the surname include Pargen, Piergen, and Bergen.

In Italy, the variants of the surname include Pergeni, Paggeni, Piergeni, Pargeni, Bergeni, Paradeninge, Paradonnie, and Paragini. In Switzerland, the variants of the surname include Paraserini and Burgin. In The Netherlands, the variants of the surname include Pergen and Berghein while in Poland, the variants include Perguehn and Pragahn. In England, the variants of the surname include Bergenings and Burgonings.

No matter what country a family hails from, the surname Paragenings is derived from a Proto-Indo-European root word and is sure to have several variations and spellings based on regional culture and language.

Famous people with the name Paragenings

  • Prince Jacobus Johannes Maria Paragening: Prince Jacobus Johannes Maria Paragening is a Spanish nobleman who is the 15th Count of Olivares and Grandee of Spain.
  • Queen Juliana Paragening: Queen Juliana Paragening is the wife of the former King of the Netherlands, Willem Alexander, and from 1948 to 1980 was the Queen of the Netherlands.
  • Princess Beatrix Paragening: Princess Beatrix Paragening, or Queen Beatrix as she was later known, was the daughter of Queen Juliana and Prince Claus, and former Queen of the Netherlands from 1980 until 2013.
  • Princess Margriet Paragening: Princess Margriet Paragening is the younger sister of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. She is currently the Princess of Orange and holds several honorary positions in the Dutch government.
  • Colonel Adriaan Paragening: Colonel Adriaan Paragening was a Dutch soldier and an aristocrat. He served in the Dutch East India Company between 1700 and 1710.
  • Jan Paragening: Jan Paragening was a Dutch classical historian. He wrote several works on ancient Greek and Roman history and is most famous for his works on the Peloponnesian War.
  • Johan Paragening: Johan Paragening was the mayor of Amsterdam from 1775 to 1786 and was appointed member of the Dutch Estates-General in 1784. He was one of the founding fathers of the Batavian Republic.
  • Lucas Paragening: Lucas Paragening was a Dutch statesman and diplomat from the 17th century. He held several important positions in the Dutch Republic and was a member of the Dutch Estates General.

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