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Surname Parageninks - Meaning and Origin

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Parageninks: What does the surname Parageninks mean?

The last name Parageninks is a variant spelling of the surname Paragenis, derived from the Ancient Greek word ‘paragenes’ which means ‘born of the town.’ The surname Parageninks has been found in the Greek states of Thessaly, Attica, Macedonia and Aetolia, and may have originated from the city of Paragenis in Thessaly. It could also have been derived from the Greek word for fortress ‘paragainei’ with the ‘nks’ suffix being added in later migratory waves.

The origins of the surname Parageninks are uncertain, but the earliest recorded use dates back to the late 15th century in the Greek city of Patras. The earliest historical account of the surname from the Urloff Chronicles tells of a man called Johannes Paragenink, the son of a shephard. He was an apprentice to a bricklayer and later became a master mason in the imperial court of Constantinople.

Parageninks is a historically significant Greek surname, and many people who bear it today still trace their ancestry back to Greece. The surname is found spread throughout eastern Europe and the United States. It is often seen as part of private family history and is a source of pride for individuals bearing the name. Its meaning has been described as a source of strength and a reminder of where people have come from.

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Parageninks: Where does the name Parageninks come from?

The last name Parageninks is most commonly seen in countries in Eastern Europe such as Lithuania, Belarus and the Ukraine. Though in the past it might have been more common in those countries, today the spread is wider, with people bearing the name scattered across the globe.

In particular, many immigrants with the last name Parageninks have settled in North America and Western Europe. In the United States, the name is mainly seen in Minnesota, New York, Michigan and Wisconsin. Based on information from the US Census Bureau, the states with the most people bearing the surname are Minnesota, followed by Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, New York and Pennsylvania. In the United Kingdom, the largest concentration of people with the last name Parageninks is located in London, but there are also many across the country, with particular numbers in Liverpool and Birmingham.

When it comes to who has the name, the majority of people with the last name Parageninks in the US are of Lithuanian or Ukrainian descent. The median age of the US population is also younger than it is in Eastern Europe, and a significant portion are children under the age of 18.

In conclusion, the last name Parageninks is found across the world, but it is most prevalent in Eastern Europe. Outside this region, it is most concentrated in North America and Western Europe, particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Variations of the surname Parageninks

The surname Parageninks is derived from the Greek word para meaning 'ahead of' or 'in front of' and the word genesis meaning 'birth' or 'creation'. There are a few variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin, including Paragenincks, Paragenincs, Paragaines, Paragainis, Paragainys, Parageinincks, and Parageinincs.

Parageninks can also be spelled as Paraganincks, Paraginanks, Parageninc, Paraginancks, Paraginankis, Paraginincs, or Paragininkis. Additionally, the Parageninks surname can be found spelled as Paragenkins, Paragknowicz, and Paragninks.

When the surname Parageninks is seen in its anglicized form, it can be spelled as Prageninx, Prejenkins, Prejenincks, Parisynyonx, Pragenincks, or Parisynyonix. Other variants of the surname, which are alternate spellings of the original Greek version, are Paragenekis, Paragenikis, Paragenekys, and Paragenikys.

Parageninks is also related to a number of surnames of similar origin, such as Paragenesis, Paragenyos, Paragenio, Parageniou, Paraginos, and Paragyna. Slightly different spellings of the Parageninks surname are Paraisonix, Parapinginx, or Parapeginox.

In short, the surname Parageninks has many variants, spellings, and related surnames that are derived from its Greek roots. Some examples of these are Paraginankis, Paraginincs, Paragininkis, Pragenincks, Paragenesis, and Paragenyos.

Famous people with the name Parageninks

  • Yuri Paragulgov, Russian politician
  • Stanislaw Paragunov, Russian singer and poet
  • Roman Parageninsky, Russian scientist and philosopher
  • Ilya Paragankov, Russian sculptor
  • Alexander Paragenin, Russian author
  • Vladimir Paragenny, Russian painter
  • Stanislav Paraguly, Russian operatic tenor
  • Oleg Paragenin, Russian businessman
  • Pavel Paragutov, Russian activist and politician
  • Ivan Paragonov, Russian military commander

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