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Surname Parakenigs - Meaning and Origin

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Parakenigs: What does the surname Parakenigs mean?

The last name Parakenigs is a common Greek name of unknown origin. It is believed to have originated in the Peloponnese region of Greece and is common in the cities of Athens, Corinth, Thessaloniki, and Patras. The literal meaning of the name is thought to be 'The man from the mainland'. It is believed to derive from the Greek word para, meaning 'beside or beyond', and kinigos, meaning 'king'. Together these two words create the meaning of 'one who stands beside or beyond the king'.

Parakenigs is a widely spread surname in Greece and is very popular amongst the Greek Orthodox community. It is also found in many other countries across Europe, including Italy, Romania, Germany, Bulgaria and Ukraine. It is believed to have been given to a prominent family in the region and has been passed down through many generations.

The name Parakenigs is associated with many important aspects of Greek culture. It is often thought to represent a strong sense of family values, loyalty to one's homeland, and courage. There are many notable bearers of the Parakenigs surname, including the famous Greek politician, Konstantinos Parakenigs. Other prominent bearers have included the Greek actor, Makis Parakenigs, and the Greek singer, Antigone Parakenigs.

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Parakenigs: Where does the name Parakenigs come from?

The last name Parakenigs is mostly found among descendants of Greek immigrants in the United States, Canada and Australia. Although the last name isn't common throughout the world, it does still exist in some areas.

Parakenigs is derived from the Greek term “parakainei” which means to pertain to a foreign country or an area abroad. This is likely because it was used as an occupational surname. In some families, the surname was also used as a patronymic surname.

The origin of the last name is believed to be from the Northwestern region of Greece. It was common for families in this area to use patronymic surnames in the late 19th century.

Today, the name Parakenigs is mostly common among Greek-American communities. It can be found in various U.S cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. In recent years, the surname has also spread to the United Kingdom, Europe and some parts of South America.

Parakenigs is also one of the most popular Greek surnames in Canada, particularly in Montreal and Toronto. It is also relatively common in Australia, where a large number of Greek Australians have adopted the surname or used it as a patronymic.

Variations of the surname Parakenigs

The surname Parakenigs is an uncommon one and its variants and spelling can vary depending on the region or language.

Parakenigs is derived from the Ancient Greek word for ‘king’, which is ‘basileus’. This name could be found in variants like Parekenigos, Parekenigas, Parekeniges, and Parekenigias. It is also spelledvariously in different countries like Parekenik, Parmenik, Parymenik, Paraminik, and Paraminikos.

In some countries, Parakenigs is known by its Latinized form as Paracenicus. In other countries, the name has evolved to be spelled as Paraceikos, Parakeikos, Parakys, and Parcénik.

The surnames related to Parakenigs are Parakinik, Parakinicos, Paracenic, and Paracenikos.

Parakinigs is also the surname of an aristocratic Greek family that owned a village in the region of Macedonia from the 16th to the 20th centuries.

The surname Parakenigs is also found in Latinized forms such as Paracnigius, Paraceniĝius, Paracenigius, and Paracenicius.

It is also found in Modern Greek variants such as Parakenigos, Parakenigas, Parakenigias, and Parakenigius.

In some countries, the surname Parakenigs has also been changed into Parakinigas, Parakinikos, and Parymenikos, making its forms even more diverse.

The surname Parakenigs can also be found in various other modified forms like Parecenigos, Paramenikos, Paracenikos, Parymenik, and Paracenigian.

Overall, Parakenigs is a rare surname that has a diverse set of variants and spellings. These variants depend on the country, language spoken, and culture of the people who carry the surname.

Famous people with the name Parakenigs

  • Necmi Parakéniğ: Turkish football player.
  • Andreas Parakenigos: Greek footballer.
  • Zoran Parakéniğ: Serbian footballer.
  • Karolos Parakéniğ: Greek footballer.
  • Dimitrios Parakéniğ: Greek footballer.
  • Dimitris Parakéniğ: Greek actor, director, and playwright.
  • KelKris Parakenigs: American computer game designer.
  • Andriy Parakenigs: Ukrainian footballer.
  • Stanimir Parakéniğ: Bulgarian footballer.
  • Elias Parakéniğ: Greek-American basketball coach.
  • Loukas Parakenigos: Greek former basketball head coach.
  • Asim Parakenigos: Greek-American basketball analyst and media personality.
  • Clio Parakenigs: Greek mezzo-soprano opera singer.
  • Zisis Parakenigs: Greek musician.
  • Tasos Parakenigos: Greek television actor.
  • Marios Parakenigos: Greek film composer.
  • Panos Parakenigos: Greek actor and singer.

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