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Surname Parakenings - Meaning and Origin

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Parakenings: What does the surname Parakenings mean?

The last name 'Parakenings' is believed to have German roots. It can be traced back to the Middle Ages, when many Europeans were beginning to settle in parts of North America. The name is a variation of the German surname 'Parakin', which is derived from the start of the Old High German phrase 'peraht kin'. This phrase translates to ‘noble family’, so the name is believed to have been given to individuals who were of noble or wealthy descent.

Today, the surname is found mostly in parts of North America, the United Kingdom and Germany. The name could be seen as representational of that noble history, as it has been passed down through generations, enduring for hundreds of years.

It’s possible that individuals with the last name of Parakenings are directly related or a descendant of those noble German families. Alternatively, it could be that the name has been adopted by an unrelated individual, who finds the proud and noble connotations of the name appealing and has chosen to make it their own.

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Parakenings: Where does the name Parakenings come from?

The last name Parakenings is a relatively rare surname. Although it was once very common throughout Europe, it is today primarily found in the Netherlands and its former colonies such as Indonesia and Suriname.

While it is impossible to determine the precise number of people who bear this last name, research conducted by the United States Census Bureau reveals that there were around 27 people in the United States with the surname Parakenings in 2010, making it a rare surname in the country.

In Europe, the surname is far more common, and especially popular in the Netherlands. According to records from that country in 2016, there were over 3,500 individuals living in the Netherlands who bore the name Parakenings.

Part of the popularity of the name in this region is due to the fact that it is derived from the Dutch word "parakening," which means someone who administers justice or who is a magistrate or judge. The existence of such names in the Netherlands and other countries where Dutch is spoken is thus expected.

The binding legal force and regulations associated with the law, as well as the respect given to those who administer justice in the region, have helped ensure that the name Parakenings is still fairly common in the Netherlands today.

The name is also still used in other countries with significant Dutch populations, such as those located in the Caribbean, as well as countries in other parts of the world with a significant number of Dutch migrants, such as Indonesia and Suriname.

Variations of the surname Parakenings

Variants: Perkoning, Parconing, Parkening, Parkeningz, Parkinings, Parkins

Spellings: Parrackenings, Parrakeningz, Parrakinings, Parrakens, Parrkeningz, Parrkenings

Surnames of the same origin: Perkening, Perkeninger, Perkenings, Parkening, Parkeninger, Parkeningz, Parkenings, Parkens, Parkins, Parckening, Parckenings, Parckins, Pareking, Parkekings, Parkeners, Parkens, Parkensons, Parkin, Parkiner, Parkings, Parrkin, Parrkiner, Parrkins, Parrkings, Pyrkin, Pyrkening, Pyrkenings.

Parakenings is a surname of Germanic origin. It is derived from a patronymic meaning 'son of Perkin' and is most likely a variation of the modern surname Parkening. This surname has several spelling variations and likely originates from Perkonings, a variation of the surname Perkin. Variations of the name range from Parkenes and Parkens to Perkenings and Parckenings. Surnames of the same origin include Perkening, Parcking and Parkens.

The name is fairly common in the Netherlands, Germany and England, perhaps due to migration in medieval times. It can also be found in various countries of the former Commonwealth, such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It is currently listed in the top 50 surnames in the Netherlands, and is ranked 83rd in the United States.

Famous people with the name Parakenings

  • Parakenings Alofaeloa: a professional American football player who currently plays for the Baltimore Ravens.
  • Donovan Parakenings: an American soccer player from New Jersey.
  • John Parakenings: a politician from California who served as a state senator from 2003 to 2011.
  • Chris Parakenings: a professional basketball player from Long Beach, California.
  • Ashley Parakenings: a model and former Miss California runner-up.
  • Paul Parakenings: an actor from Los Angeles who is best known for his roles in the television series "The Mentalist" and "Mad Men".
  • Jack Parakenings: an award-winning musician and composer.
  • Tory Parakenings: a former professional tennis and volleyball player who competed in the Wimbledon and US Open.
  • Charlie Parakenings: a celebrated artist and sculptor.
  • Ben Parakenings: a renowned photographer and author of several books about photography.

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