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Surname Parkin - Meaning and Origin

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V. Parkin

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Parkin: What does the surname Parkin mean?

The surname Parkin is of English origin, specifically from northern England. It is derived from diminutive form of the male given name Patrick, a name of Latin origin meaning "nobleman or patrician." The suffix "-in" is a diminutive extension, thus Parkin can be translated as "little Patrick." Patrick was a popular medieval given name, introduced to Britain by the Normans. The name was popular particularly among the Irish immigrants who flooded into northern England during the 19th century. Therefore, Parkin may also be considered an Anglicized form of the Irish surname Ó Páircín. This name began appearing in England in the late 13th century. Over time, it evolved into a proper last name, used to distinguish multiple generations of a family.

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Parkin: Where does the name Parkin come from?

The last name Parkin is most common in the United Kingdom, particularly Northern England and Scotland. According to some sources, Parkin is the 51st most common surname in the UK. The origin of this name is Old English, derived from the personal name Perkin, which may have referred to "a youthful man wearing a small cape of cloth", or simply from a diminutive of Peter.

The Parkin surname is especially prominent in its home county of Yorkshire, where it was first found in the West Riding. It is also fairly common in Lancashire, having spread along the Yorkshire and Lancashire border.

Today, the surname Parkin is still fairly common throughout England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. It can be found in the United States and Canada as well, where it was brought by immigrants in the 17th and 18th centuries. In the United States, the surname is most common in the states of Ohio, New York, and Illinois. It is also found in South Africa, Australia, and even in various places throughout Europe.

Variations of the surname Parkin

The Parkin surname has many variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. Parkin and Parkinson are the two most common variations. While Parkin is an English variant, Parkinson is a Scottish variant.

Parken, Parkins, Parks, Perkin, Perkins, Parkyn, Perlkin, Perkens and Parkman are some of the variations of Parkin that can be found in old records or documents. Parkyns is currently the most common variant found in the UK.

Parkinson is the Scottish form of the surname. The variant Parkison is also found in Scotland, though it is much less common. Parkisson and Parkisoun are two old Scottish forms of the surname.

Parkkinnen, Parckin, Parkeyn, Parkendale, Parkbet, Parkydale, Parkinott, Parkes, Percken, Perkenson and Parknott are all variations of Parkin and Parkinson that can be found in various regions of Europe.

In the United States, some of the spellings and variants of Parkin and Parkinson are Parken, Parkson, Parkeen, Parkkonen, Parkcap, Parkinsonn, Parkendolle and Parkenstein.

Other related names include Perkins, Percival, Perkinson, Perkinson, Parkyns, Parkington, Parkison, Parkman, Parky, Parkstone and Parkington.

Overall, Parkin and its variants are believed to have derived from the Old English term "Parking" which can mean "dweller in or near a park". This suggests that those with the Parkin surname could have originally been those who managed a royal game park.

Famous people with the name Parkin

  • Corey Parkin: Canadian Olympic ice hockey player
  • David Parkin: Australian Rules Football player and coach
  • Damon Parkin: English footballer
  • Arthur Parkin: English cricketer
  • Lee Parkin: Canadian actor
  • Carolyn Parkin: Canadian politician
  • Michael Parkin: American economist
  • Chris Parkin: British journalist
  • Josh Parkin: Australian rugby league player
  • Jason Parkin: Canadian actress
  • Kofi Parkin: British professional squash player
  • George Parkin: Canadian Anglican clergyman and educator
  • Fraser Parkin: British journalist and travel writer
  • Don Parkin: Canadian speed skater
  • Cecil Parkin: English tennis player
  • Chris Parkin: British actor and professional boxer
  • Kirsten Parkin: British actress
  • Norman Parkin: English professional footballer
  • Robin Parkin: English footballer
  • Robert Parkin: British computer scientist
  • Paul Parkin: English professional footballer
  • Stuart Parkin: English physicist and chemist
  • Ben Parkin: British professional endurance athlete
  • Steve Parkin: English football club chairman
  • D. D. Parkin: British author and playwright

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