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Surname Parkins - Meaning and Origin

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Parkins: What does the surname Parkins mean?

The surname Parkins is of English origin and is derived from a patronymic form of the diminutive version of the medieval given name "Peter," which means "rock" in Greek. The specific form "Parkins" originally would have meant "son of little Peter". Given names often became surnames as a way to identify individuals by their lineage or descent. The surname evolved over time and its holders migrated, leading its presence today in several countries, including England, the United States, Canada, and Australia. In the English naming tradition, adding "kin" to a name was a way to indicate "the little one," and adding an "s" at the end showed possession or descent. So, "Parkins" signifies "son of little Peter." Surnames were often given based on a person’s occupation, geographical location, or even physical characteristics. Today, people bearing the surname Parkins can be found in many parts of the world, although it remains most common in its country of origin, England. However, the meanings of surnames can vary in different cultures and languages, and could potentially have other unrelated meanings in different contexts.

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Parkins: Where does the name Parkins come from?

Parkins is a moderately rare surname today, found most commonly in the regions of North America, Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand.

In North America, the surname is largely concentrated in the United States. The top five states with the most profiles with the last name Parkins are California, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

In the United Kingdom, most Parkins profiles are located in Wales and England. In England, you will find the surname present in counties such as Suffolk, Gloucestershire, and the county of Devon. In Wales, you will find the surname concentrated in counties such as Wales, Glamorgan, and Monmouthshire.

In Australia, the surname Parkins is distributed rather evenly across all the states. The top five most heavily populated states for the last name Parkins are Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, and South Australia.

In New Zealand, the majority of Parkins profiles reside in Auckland, with the next two largest concentrations in Waikato and Wellington. Between the three of them, they make up the majority of the surname's presence in New Zealand.

Overall, Parkins can be found around the world, predominantly in the countries of North America, Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand.

Variations of the surname Parkins

The surname Parkins is a family name of English origin, which has several variants and spellings. The most common variants are Parkin, Parkins, Perkins, Parkinson and Parkyns.

The Parkins spelling is defined as a patronymic surname which originated during medieval times and was derived from the name of the father. The Parkin spelling is sometimes also a variation of Parkins, derived from the Middle English word "parking" which refers to an enclosed area or park.

Perkins is a more common variant of the name and is derived from the Greek word "perikon" meaning fruit or seed. Parkinson is a habitational surname which originated from Old English place-names, derived from the two elements word of "pere" meaning pear and "tun" meaning town or settlement.

Finally, Parkyns is derived from the Middle English word "parking" meaning an enclosed area. It is the most rare of the variants and can also be a variant of Parkins.

The surname Parkins can be found in records from the 1300s onwards. Parkinsons can be found in records from the 1500s, while Parkyns began to be recorded in the early 1700s. Perkins is one of the oldest variants and can be found in records dating back to the 1100s.

Famous people with the name Parkins

  • Alison Parkins: classical ballet dancer, choreographer, and teacher
  • Britney Parkins: Canadian racers and two-time World Cup overall champion
  • Danyelle Parkins: English R&B and Soul singer-songwriter
  • Geneva Parkins: American author, actress, entrepreneur
  • Huw Parkins: Welsh tennis player
  • colleen Parkins: Canadian indie folk artist
  • Jez Parkins: English folk musician
  • Mac Parkins: American composer and Salamone viola player
  • Marc Parkins: English stage and film actor
  • Riopelle Parkins: French film director and producer
  • Sabey Parkins: English singer-songwriter and record producer
  • Will Parkins: English lead vocalist of indie rock band The Parzivals
  • Rod Parkins: American author and game designer
  • Judson Parkins: Canadian pianist and early music specialist
  • Richard Parkins: American classical composer
  • Chris Parkins: British drummer
  • Phil Parkins: British documentary filmmaker
  • Lucy Parkins: British fashion designer and business owner
  • Amy Parkins: Australian poet
  • Joe Parkins: American jazz musician

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