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Surname Parlette - Meaning and Origin

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Parlette: What does the surname Parlette mean?

The last name Parlette is an interesting universal name that has both German-French and Hebrew origins. As a French-German name, it is derived from the French word “parler,” which means "to speak," making the name essentially mean "speaker." The Hebrew meaning of the name is more complicated, but it has been translated to “preacher of God” or “persuader.”

This diverse origin of the name gives it an eclectic mix of characteristics, such as faith, eloquence, and persuasion. It can also be associated with one’s ability to stand up for themselves and those around them and to speak out against injustices. In the modern day, it is often seen as a strong name, associated with fighters for justice and freedom of speech.

The Parlette name has spread all over the world and is now used in English, French, German, Dutch, and Spanish speaking countries alike. It is a popular last name that has come to stand for resilience and determination. It is also a great example of how last names have been impacted by different cultures, religious beliefs, and immigration throughout history.

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Parlette: Where does the name Parlette come from?

The last name Parlette is most common today in France, Belgium, and Canada. In France, the name is primarily found in the Champagne-Ardenne region. This region is located in the north-east of France, according to a map from the French ministry of higher education and research. It is believed that the name is of French origin, but it could also have German or Belgian roots. In Belgium, the name is found in the provinces of Liège, Namur, Luxembourg, Hainaut, and Brussels. Most of the people with this name are concentrated in the city of Liège, located in the east.

In Canada, the name is found mainly in Ontario and Quebec. According to a website dedicated to the surname Parlette, the name is mainly found in the city of Ottawa. It is also found in Montreal, Laval, and Gatineau, which are all located in the province of Quebec. The website indicates that the name Parlette is of French origin and is derived from a Germanic root.

Overall, the last name Parlette is most commonly found in France, Belgium, and Canada. It is believed to be of either French, German, or Belgian origin. Although the name is not particularly prominent in any of these countries, it is nonetheless still present in each one.

Variations of the surname Parlette

The surname Parlette has numerous variants and spellings, as well as related surnames. The name can be found in various forms, including Parlet, Parlee, Parlot, Parlate, Parlatt, Parlatte, and Parlott. Additionally, the name can also be seen appear in the more Anglicized form, Parklet and Parklett, or the French inspired Parlettey, Parletes, Parlettes, Parletti, and Parlettee. All variations are likely derived from the Old French phrase ‘par le ate’, which can be translated as ‘by the gate’. This phrase could be applied to various locations and topographical features, such as a dwelling house with a gateway, or a stronghold with a fortified gate.

The surname was also likely adopted by families who lived in the vicinity of an entranceway, gate, or church door dedicated to a particular saint or martyr. As such, several variant spellings are derived from various saints’ names, such as Parelet, in honour of St Paricius, Parletier, after St Peregrin, and Parlait, dedicated to St Paralee. As French families spread across Europe and the USA, hyphenated surnames, such as Park-Lette or Par-Lette, have also become more popular.

Due to its association with a specific topographical feature, Parlette is a rare surname, with few people identifying with it in current times. Nevertheless, it is still found in multiple forms in countries such as Canada, the USA, and France.

Famous people with the name Parlette

  • Jackie Parlette: Former mixed martial artist who fought professionally in the flyweight division.
  • Ike Parlette: Professional baseball player who played for the St. Louis Browns in 1932.
  • Rick Parlette: Former MLB pitcher who won an NL pennant with the San Francisco Giants in 1989.
  • Ned Parlette: 19th century Major League Baseball player who played for the Cleveland Spiders.
  • Sam Parlette: US-born Canadian-based film producer who won the Canadian Academy's Allan King Award for excellence in documentary filmmaking.
  • Denton Parlette: The current mayor of the town of Red Bluff, California.
  • George Parlette: American military officer who served in both World War I and World War II.
  • Frank Parlette: A professional wrestler and National Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Champion in the 1950s.
  • Sharon Parlette: American business consultant, speaker, and author.
  • Theresa Parlette: A founding partner of the venture capital firm Lux Capital.

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