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Surname Parlett - Meaning and Origin

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Parlett: What does the surname Parlett mean?

The last name Parlett is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is believed to have originated from a place name. The name is derived from the Old English for "partly wooded land" or "wood pasture", likely referring to a particular area where the name surname originated. Spelling variations of the surname include Parlett, Parlet, Perlett, Parritt, Parrett, Parratt and Perratt.

The surname is believed to have been first recorded in the 14th century, with the first recorded instance being found in the County of Kent in the year 1332. From this initial record, the name has since spread widely throughout the UK in areas such as England, Scotland, Wales, and even as far as Ireland.

The earliest record of the Parlett surname is typically noted as being a religious record of John Parlett being a witness at the christening of one Jone, daughter of Thomas Poulett in 1659, at St. Edmunds in Abington.

Parlett is an uncommon last name that likely has its roots in an ancient place name, and over the centuries the surname has spread to various parts of the UK. While its original meaning is largely a mystery, it likely stems from the Old English language phrase for partially wooded land.

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Parlett: Where does the name Parlett come from?

The last name Parlett is most commonly found today in the United States. According to records from the US Census Bureau, there are over 5,800 individuals living in the U.S. today who share the Parlett surname.

The majority of individuals with the Parlett surname live in the Northeast, with Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey hosting the most individuals with the name. Virginia, New York, and Ohio follow shortly behind. Interestingly, there are other areas in the United States where individuals with the Parlett surname are concentrated; such areas include California, Florida, and Illinois.

In addition, the last name Parlett can also be found in other parts of the world. For example, records show that the surname is fairly common in Scotland, with over 1,000 people living there today holding the surname. Canada, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland also boast sizable populations of individuals who share the surname.

Regardless of where they call home, individuals with the Parlett surname have a proud history and heritage. The name has been a part of families' genealogical trees for many generations and continues to be shared by many today.

Variations of the surname Parlett

Parlett is an English surname with Germanic roots. It is an occupational surname derived from the Middle English word "parlet," which meant parlor. The spelling variants of Parlett include Parlatt, Parlatte, Parlattes, Parlat, Parlotte, Parlatts, and Parlott.

The surname Parlett is believed to have originated in England and is most concentrated in the area of Hampshire, near the city of Winchester. The earliest occurrence of the Parlett surname was in the 12th century, where it is recorded in the Pipe Rolls of Huntingdonshire. Mucel de Parlet is listed in the Roll of Pipe for that county in 1167 as being summoned to render account.

Other surnames of the same origin as Parlett include Farlett, Carlett, Parratt, Pearlett, Pearlat, and Parrett. Farlett is a somewhat rare surname from Hants, England. Carlett is a fairly common surname found in various parts of England. Parratt is a variant of Parlett found mainly in the Yorkshire region of England. Pearlett and Pearlat are thought to be derived from Pearlette, the female form of Parlett. Parrett is a variant of the Parlett surname and is most widely found in Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, and Northamptonshire.

Famous people with the name Parlett

  • Rob Parlett: former American football cornerback
  • Buddy Parlett: former American football running back
  • Justin Parlett: professional baseball player
  • Paul Parlett: professional darts player
  • Jerry Parlett: retired American football coach
  • Irene Parlett: English painter
  • Robert Parlett: former English cricketer and politician
  • Daniel Parlett: American ice hockey player
  • Susie Parlett: English professional golfer
  • Gary Parlett: British business executive

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