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Surname Parler - Meaning and Origin

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Parler: What does the surname Parler mean?

Parler is a surname of French origin, derived from the verb "parler" which means "to speak" in English. This surname was likely initially used as a nickname or an occupational name for someone who was a professional speaker, such as a preacher, town crier, or a herald. Like many surnames, it would have started being used in the Middle Ages to distinguish individuals by their occupation, location, or personal characteristics. Over time, these descriptive tags became hereditary and turned into the last names we are familiar with today. It can be found in various parts of the world today due to the movements of people over centuries, but it remains most common in French-speaking countries. The name has no particular connotations of nobility or status associated with it and can be held by individuals across the social spectrum. It’s important to remember that there may be several independent origins of the same surname, so not all individuals with the surname Parler will share the same ancestry.

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Parler: Where does the name Parler come from?

The last name Parler originally derives from the French word "parler," which means to speak. It was most likely used as a nickname for a chatterbox or a person who worked as a town cryer, news-bringer, or a preacher. Historically, the Parler name has been associated with France and its cultural sphere.

In terms of its current predominance, it's challenging to pinpoint exact locations where the surname is significantly common. Researching multiple global telephone directories and various social networks, Parler seems to be rather uniformly spread across different nations, including the United States, Canada, France, Switzerland, and Germany. However, due to various factors such as migration, the spread of a surname doesn't necessarily correlate directly to its origin. As with many surnames, its distribution has been shaped by historical events and population movements. Ultimately, a more comprehensive genealogical study would be needed to establish current concentrations of the Parler surname.

Variations of the surname Parler

The surname Parler is of French origin and carries various variants, spellings, and similar surnames connected by linguistic or regional ties. These can include Parlor, Parlor, Parleur, and even Parle. In certain instances, it may also be found as De Parler and Von Parler.

In some cases, Anglicization or other linguistic changes may have led to additional surnames derived from or similar to Parler. These can include Purler and Parly. Furthermore, spelling variations like Parlere, Parlero, and Parlur could be possible, due to regional dialects and local language influences.

Parler is kin to an array of surnames from other origins that bear the same or a similar meaning, pointing to an ancestral occupation as a speaker or an orator. It could be connected to the Italian Parlanti or Parlatore, the Spanish Parlero, or the German Sprecher.

Just like many other surnames that have evolved over a long period in different areas, Parler and its variants may have different roots in different cultures, but these are some of the most likely and common versions.

Famous people with the name Parler

  • Alexa Parler: She is the wife of the tech billionaire and founder of Parler, John Matze.
  • Catharine Parler: Catharine was a German born medieval music theorist, one of the few women whose contributions are included in the canon of music theorists from the 14th and 15th centuries.
  • Loic Parler: He is a French rugby player who plays for Brive in the Top 9 league.
  • Christian Parler: He is the President of the Swiss Federal Assembly and was previously a Member of the Swiss Federal Council from 1994-2003.
  • Luciano Parler: He is a professional wrestler from Argentina who currently works for Impact Wrestling.
  • John Parler: He is an American investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.
  • Ann Parler: She is an activist in the fight against childhood obesity and is the former First Lady of the United States.
  • Mary Parler: She is an American singer and songwriter who was a member of the girl group 3LW.
  • Stan Parler: He is an American film and stage actor who had a minor role in the 1992 movie The Cutting Edge.
  • Kenneth Parler: He is a former offensive tackle who was selected by the Oakland Raiders in the sixth round of the 1972 NFL draft.

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