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Surname Parrant - Meaning and Origin

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Parrant: What does the surname Parrant mean?

The surname Parrant appears to be of French origin but its specific meaning isn't available or well-documented. Many surnames, especially French ones, derive from geographical locations, occupations, patronyms, or other social circumstances. Additionally, many last names have evolved and adapted over time, making it difficult to pinpoint a specific meaning. However, it's certain that last names like Parrant played crucial roles in medieval times, helping distinguish people by their line of work, location, or father's name. The surname Parrant is relatively uncommon today, a fact that might explain the scarcity of detailed information regarding its meaning or origin. It's important that individual interpretations and research be used when tracing the roots and significance of lesser-known surnames like Parrant. As genealogical research advances and more historical documents become digitized, more information might surface on the exact meaning and history of the Parrant surname.

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Parrant: Where does the name Parrant come from?

The last name Parrant is most prevalent in the United States, particularly the regions of New England, Southern Appalachia and the Mid-South. In particular, the surname has high concentrations in states such as Alabama, Mississippi, and West Virginia. The highest concentration of people with the last name Parrant is concentrated in the Ozarks of Greater St. Louis, Missouri.

On a broader level, Parrant is thought to be an English surname, which is likely derived from the Latin Perrillon and French Perronet. The name first appeared in print in the 12th century and was first most commonly found in Hampshire, then the surrounding counties.

The most common spelling of the name is Parrant. However, there are a few variations, such as: Thet Pareant, Perrant, Pirrant, Perrihane, and Pareant.

Today, there are several notable people who have the last name Parrant, such as comedian Chris Parnell, NFL linebacker Antwan Barnes, and actress Mekia Cox.

At present, Parrant is still a commonly-used surname. Furthermore, it is estimated that there are currently more than 500 Parrants in the US alone.

Variations of the surname Parrant

The surname Parrant has many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin as it was derived from the Old French word "parraunt," meaning "servant." Variations of this surname include Parrant, Perraunt, Perrot, Perete, Parite, Parrot, Pairete, Parrott, Pairat, Pairatti, Paritate, Perrette, Perrat, Peretti, Perray, Perreault, Pareaux, and Paraist.

The last name Parrant is generally of French origin, however it can also be found in many places around the world. In France, it is most common in Brittany and Normandy, while in the United States it is most common in Louisiana. In the United Kingdom, the surname is most common in Wales and Scotland.

In its most common form, Parrant is found in France, the United States, and Canada. In the U.S., the Parrant spelling of this surname is most common in the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas, while in Canada, it is most commonly found in Quebec. The spelling Perraunt is most commonly found in France, the United Kingdom, and Canada. In the United Kingdom, this spelling is most commonly found in Wales and Scotland.

The surnames Parrot, Pairat, and Parosate have a similar root, but they are more commonly found in England and Ireland than in other parts of the world.

The spelling Pairatt is found primarily in France, while Pairete is more commonly found in Belgium. The surname Perray is most commonly found in France. The surname Peretti is the Italian version of Parrant, while Perreault is most commonly found in Canada.

Overall, the surname Parrant is a common surname found in many different countries and variant spellings across the world. Many of its variations point to a long and complicated history, as families moved to different parts of the world over the years and adapted their last names in their new languages of origin.

Famous people with the name Parrant

  • Sir Owen Parrant: a British civil servant and colonial administrator who held India-based posts such as commander of the British East India Company’s Bombay Army.
  • Tricia Parrant: The first female President of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development in UK and a two-time Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE).
  • Den Parrant: Great British track and field athlete who won a gold medal at the 1948 Summer Olympics in the javelin throw.
  • Mark Parrant: popular British television and radio presenter.
  • Jimmy Parrant: British actor and theater director, best known for his comedy roles in theater, film and television.
  • Charles Parrant: an English composer, arranger and conductor.
  • Simon Parrant: late British businessman and Anarchist political theorist.
  • John Parrant: former English cricketer who played in the County Championship for Derbyshire.
  • Marion Parrant: internationally acclaimed British sculptor and one of the few female sculptors in Britain in the early 20th century.
  • Sir Christopher Parrant: British Civil Servant in the Royal Navy as the Flag Captain for the Fleet from 1629 to 1631.
  • Henry Parrant: British author, poet and politician who served as a Member of Parliament from 1702 to 1715.
  • William Parrant: an English poet of the Victorian era.
  • Jonathan Parrant: British lawyer and economist specialising in the management of intellectual property rights.
  • Margaret Parrant: English suffragette, who campaigned for women’s suffrage in the early 20th century.
  • Arthur Parrant: British general and later a Member of Parliament.
  • Richard Parrant: British painter, sculptor, muralist, etcher and craftsman, known for his decorative works.
  • Louis Parrant: agronomist and plant pathologist from Britain who founded the Institute of Agricultural Technology at the University of Reading.
  • Louisa Parrant: nineteenth-century English social reformer and activist.
  • George Parrant: British stage actor and stage manager who was active during late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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