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Surname Parramore - Meaning and Origin

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Parramore: What does the surname Parramore mean?

The surname Parramore is of Anglo-Saxon origin, and is believed to be a locational name, deriving from a place named Parramore. There is no known place in England that bears this name now, suggesting that it may either have disappeared or changed significantly over the centuries. It's also possible that the surname derives from the old Anglo-Saxon word "parra", meaning a park or enclosed area, combined with "more", meaning a moor or heathland. So, Parramore might indicate someone who lived near a park or enclosed area on a moor. It may also have been used as a nickname for a passionate lover, from the Middle English "paramour", derived from the Old French "par amour", meaning "by means of love". Therefore, the surname could have also denoted a love affair or an illicit relationship. However, these are hypotheses, and the precise meaning is unclear. Regardless, surnames of this type were typically derived from the places where the original bearers lived or where they held land.

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Parramore: Where does the name Parramore come from?

The Parramore surname is found mostly in the United States today. While it is unclear where the name originated, the surname is most associated with the areas surrounding the eastern Atlantic seaboard of the United States, particularly North and South Carolina. Parramore is also quite common in some other areas, including parts of rural Alabama and Mississippi. The surname is also common among African-American families with some ancestors originating from the geographic regions mentioned above.

Variations of the Parramore surname, including Parramore, Perrimore, Parramoor, Paramore, and Permoor are found in states as diverse as Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Georgia, California, and Arkansas. In addition, some families with the Parramore name settled in states like Iowa and Michigan.

Parramore is a rarity in other countries, although there are a handful of families with the surname in England, Scotland, and Ireland. Through immigration, the Parramore surname has spread to other parts of the world, including Canada, Mexico, and Brazil.

Overall, the Parramore surname is still quite common in the United States and is likely to remain so given its various regions and family lineages.

Variations of the surname Parramore

The surname Parramore is a modern version of a British surname that originated in England in the Middle Ages. The earliest recorded instance of the surname was in 1166 in Gloucestershire when William Parramier was listed in the Pipe Rolls. The Parramore surname is derived from the Old French name fer (iron) combined with the words moor (marsh) and more (marshland).

The Parramore surname has many variants - Parramier, Par(r)amoure, Par(r)amour, Parremor, Parremur, Perramore and Per(r)a(u)more. All of these variants are historically regarded as being the same origin as the Parramore surname.

Spelling variations exist in this surname. Parramore, Parramour, Parremor and Per(r)a(u)more are some of the most common spellings found. Variants such as Parramier and Parremur are also commonly used.

The Parramore surname is also found as a patronymic surname, which is an older surname derived from the first name of the father. Parramore can be found as Parramores, Parramorens, Parramoures, Parramours, Parremores, Parremours, Perramores and Perramours.

The Parramore surname is not very common, and is mostly found in the United Kingdom and parts of Europe. However, it can be found in other parts of the world as well, including the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Famous people with the name Parramore

  • Terry Parramore: former Democratic politician who acted as a North Carolina state senator for 11 years
  • Sarah Parramore: award-winning author of the collection of short stories, "The Feast of Baptists"
  • Walter Parramore: All-American defensive tackle who played college football for Ohio State University
  • Brian Parramore: former defensive end in the NFL who played for the Minnesota Vikings, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Oakland Raiders
  • Jimmy Parramore: retired Major League Baseball player who pitched for the San Diego Padres and Oakland Athletics
  • James Parramore: former Principal Research Scientist at the Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Allison Parramore: high school basketball player who competed in the FIBA U16 European Championship and plays for the University of Florida
  • Brian Parramore: professional boxer who fought a number of high-profile bouts in the 1990s and 2000s
  • Carmen Parramore: co-founder of the nonprofit organization Lole United which empowers Congo’s children through sport
  • Matt Parramore: professional poker player who competed in the 1999 World Series of Poker

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