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Surname Pacheco - Meaning and Origin

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Tracing Back the Rich Historical Tapestry of the Pacheco Lineage Through the iGENEA DNA Test

Revealing the deep cultural history and origin of my surname, Pacheco, was a riveting journey undertaken through the iGENEA DNA test. The test brought up intriguing facts tied to a noble lineage, religious conversions, global expansions, and a connection to a significant period of Spanish medieval history. The experience deepened my association with the Pacheco surname, fostering a renewed sense of identity and pride.

X. Pacheco

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Pacheco: What does the surname Pacheco mean?

The surname Pacheco is of Spanish and Portuguese origin. The exact meaning of the name is somewhat disputed. Some believe it comes from the word "pacheco," which in Old Castilian Spanish means "one who suffers." Others suggest it's derived from the Arabic word "basha," meaning "lord" or "master," and the Spanish word "eco," meaning "echo," combining to denote "echo of his lord" or "master's echo." The name might also be connected to the village of Pacheca in Portugal. Pacheco is a common surname in the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America, indicating the family's former place of residence. It is widely used in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and other Spanish or Portuguese-speaking countries. Despite the various possible interpretations, the exact meaning remains unclear and is a matter of debate among experts.

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Pacheco: Where does the name Pacheco come from?

The last name Pacheco is a common surname in several countries across the Americas. It's especially popular in Spain, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Costa Rica, and Columbia.

In Spain, Pacheco is a traditional surname of Castilian origin, believed to refer to “pacos”, a type of bird native to the Iberian Peninsula, or “pauche”, which is an old form of leather. It's also found in Portugal under the variant Pacheco.

In Mexico, the surname is also quite common. It's believed to have originated with Portuguese Jews who migrated to the New World during the Spanish Inquisition.

In Guatemala, Pacheco is derived from the indigenous Pipil language, with the root "patxi" meaning swan.

In Peru, the name is also very common, many descendants are believed to originate with colonists of German and Basque origin.

In Costa Rica, Pacheco is a surname derived from the Spanish term for leatherworker, “panchero.”

Finally, in Colombia, it’s popular among people of both Spanish and indigenous descent.

In conclusion, the surname Pacheco is found in several countries across the Americas, each with its unique origin story.

Variations of the surname Pacheco

The surname Pacheco is a Spanish habitational surname, derived from the town of Pacheco in the province of Segovia, Spain. It is also derived from a Basque word meaning "bird." The variants, spellings, and other surnames of the same origin include Pacho, Pachon, Pachos, Pache, Pachecarella, Pacheconi, Pachecines, Pachella, Pachelli, Pachello, Pachelly, Pachella, Pachero, Pachetto, Pachet, Pacheta, Pachette, Pachetti, Pachettini, and Pachew.

In Portuguese speaking countries such as Brazil and Portugal, the variant Pacheco is also used as the surname. However, most of the spellings and other variants for Pacheco are Spanish in origin and derivatives, as Pacheco is derived from a Spanish town and a Basque word. The variants can also be found in Italian, French, and other nations with Spanish speaking populations.

Other variations in spelling and use have evolved over time. In the United States, the term Pacheco has been widely used as a surname for generations of Hispanic descendants. The spelling of Pachecho, Pachechu, and Pacheche are also seen in the United States in certain areas and census records, especially in Arizona and New Mexico.

The surnames Arpacho and Parpacho are likely derived from Pacheco, as are Padilla, Patache, Patchell, Patchelli, Patchet, Patchett, Pachetta, Pachettini, Pichet, Pichette, and Pitchot. Many families of Asian heritage may have taken the Pachec surname as well, especially with the arrival of Chinese immigrants to the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

In conclusion, Pacheco is a Spanish habitational surname derived from the Basque word for "bird," and is most commonly found in countries with Spanish speaking populations. There are a wide variety of variants, spellings, and derivative surnames related to Pacheco, and some of those can also be found in the United States among certain populations.

Famous people with the name Pacheco

  • Miguel Pacheco: Spanish footballer who plays for Portland Timbers.
  • Luis Pacheco: Chilean actor
  • Pablo Pacheco: Former Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Santiago, Chile.
  • João Pacheco: Brazilian footballer who plays for FC Porto.
  • João Maria Pacheco: Cape Verdean singer.
  • Emygdio Pacheco: Brazilian artist and sculptor.
  • John Pacheco: American football wide receiver and coach.
  • Andres Pacheco: Argentine footballer who plays for Club Atlético Lanús.
  • Manuel Pacheco: American basketball coach and former player.
  • Mara Pacheco: Venezuelan actress
  • Emerico Pacheco: Mexican politician who served as Governor of the State of Hidalgo and State of Guerrero.
  • Shinji Pacheco: Japanese footballer who plays for eh Avispa Fukuoka.
  • Pedro Pacheco: Portuguese footballer who plays for Santa Clara.
  • Joel Pacheco: Venezuelan film director
  • Elizabeth Pacheco Espinosa: Chilean politician who served as the Minister of Public Works of Chile.
  • Alfonso Pacheco: Colombian cyclist
  • Sean Pacheco: American actor.
  • Don Pacheco: Trinidad and Tobago footballer.
  • Auntie Pacheco: Mexican singer
  • Germán Eduardo Pacheco: Argentinian footballer who plays for Club Atlético Paranaense.

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