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Surname Paceley - Meaning and Origin

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Paceley: What does the surname Paceley mean?

The last name Paceley originated in England, and is a traditional surname dating as far back as the Middle Ages. It is an Anglicised version of the French or Italian surname Pasquale, which can be traced back to the Latin "paschal", meaning Easter.

The Paceleys are believed to be descended from an old Norman noble family, the Pasquales, who lived in the town of Pascual. This fascinating line can be traced to the 11th century, when a Norman Christian knight arrived in England during the Norman Conquest. The Pasquales tartan further tells of an interesting background, featuring a chevroned pattern based on the family's old coat of arms.

The Paceleys are believed to have held various positions of importance over the years. It seems likely that one of the earliest Paceleys was a friend of William the Conqueror, and held land during the conquering of England. This land holding status was likely passed down through the centuries, and the Paceleys went on to become baronets, merchants, and shipowners. In time, some of them even became prompt merchants to the British Royal Navy.

Moreover, its importance has been signified by the fact that the Paceley name has been used as a first name in the United States since the eighteenth century. The transformation of the name to Paceley hints at some further change, though the exact meaning remains unclear.

Today the Paceleys are proud of their rich ancestry and continue to grow their line. The family name is now associated with strength, resilience and success.

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Paceley: Where does the name Paceley come from?

The last name Paceley is most common in the United States, especially in the states of Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Its earliest known recording was in the 1790s in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and it has seen an increase in prevalence since then.

Today, Indiana has the highest concentration of Paceleys, with nearly 100 people living in the state with the last name. However, Pennsylvania and Ohio follow closely behind, with more than 50 Paceleys living in each of these states. In addition to these states, Paceleys are known to live in other parts of the United States, including Illinois, Texas, California, Michigan, North Carolina, and New York.

Paceleys are active in various sectors, striving to make a meaningful impact in their local communities. They are involved in philanthropy, social work, education, entrepreneurship, business, and more.

Interestingly, the surname Paceley is unique to the United States, and there are no records of any people with the same or a similar last name living in any other countries. This makes Paceley one of the more rare surnames in the United States and it can certainly be interesting to track its growth in the years to come.

Variations of the surname Paceley

The surname Paceley is most commonly seen as Pacely, but it can also be found as Pasley, Pasly, Paslay, Pasely, Paseley, Paselea, Paisley, Paisly, Pailley, Pellay, Payley and Peley.

The origins of the surname Paceley are from the medieval given name Pace or Pacy. This name is from the Old French word pais, meaning ‘peasant’. This Old French term was used as a personal name to describe a peasant or an agricultural worker. From the Old French name, variants of the surname emerged in some areas of England.

So, in its root form, Paceley has many variants. Pacely is the most commonly seen form, but this can also be spelt Pasley, Pasly, Paslay, Pasely, Paseley, and Paselea. These are all derived from the Old French term, pais. They differ slightly in spelling but are pronounced in the same way.

In Scotland, the surname has variants in Paisley, Paisly, and Pailley. Pellay and Payley also appear to be variants of the name, and in Ireland, the variant Peley is really common. Overall, it is clear that the root of the surname is heavily dependent on its origin with Pace being derived from the Old French term.

Famous people with the name Paceley

  • Corinna Paceley Gray: British music manager and founder of Primary Talent
  • DJ pacedley: Hip-hop and R&B producer and DJ signed to Warner Brothers Records
  • Vikki Paceley: US professional all-around gymnast and rhythmic gymnast
  • Curtis Paceley: Australian professional rugby player for the Waratahs, Brumbies, and Rebels
  • Sean Paceley: Canadian professional hockey player for the Florida Panthers
  • Jackson Paceley: American professional skier and snowboarder
  • Dylan Paceley: British professional skateboarder and skater
  • Jack Paceley: British professional soccer player for Sunderland AFC
  • Sidney Paceley: American professional golfer
  • John Paceley: American professional race car driver

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