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Surname Paulk - Meaning and Origin

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Paulk: What does the surname Paulk mean?

The surname Paulk is considered to be of English origin, being a geographical surname that was originally derived from the location where a person lived or where they held land. It is believed to be a variant of the popular surname "Polk" or "Pollock", derived from the Old English ‘Pol’ meaning ‘pool’ or ‘pit’ and is often associated with families living near a notable pool or pond. Over time and with migration, the pronunciation and spelling have undergone changes resulting in variations like Paulk. It's also important to note that surnames could also be derived from occupations, physical attributes, or even a nickname, which makes tracing the exact origin challenging. Nonetheless, understanding the surname Paulk relies heavily on genealogical research, as the meaning may vary based on individual family history.

Paulk: Where does the name Paulk come from?

The last name Paulk is most common in the United States, where it ranks as the 1877th most popular surname. Within the US, it is most common in the southeastern region of the country, including the states of Georgia, Alabama, and Florida. In the 2016 US census, there were 2,207 individuals reported with the last name Paulk.

The surname originated in Germany, where it is still popular today. Paulk is the 11th most common last name in the state of Brandenburg. It is similarly common in the other states of Germany, including Sachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt, and Niedersachsen.

Overall, Paulk is still a relatively common surname, and has been passed down through generations in multiple countries over the centuries. It appears to have taken root first in Germany, and spread across Europe before eventually becoming more popular in the southeastern United States.

Variations of the surname Paulk

The Paulk surname originates from a patronymic surname derived from the given name Paul, with the suffix of “-k” added to denote a diminutive. Variants of Paulk include: Pawlk, Paullk, Paulck, Pauleck, Pahleck, Pawleck, Paullik, Pawlik, Palick, Pahleck, and Patalack.

The Paulk surname can also be spelled differently when translated into other languages. In German, the variant spelling is Paullik, and in Polish, the Paulk name is spelled Pawlik.

The Paulk surname can also be used as a given name within some families, with the addition of “ Jr.” or “ III” after the name.

There are other surnames of the same origin as Paulk, including Paull, Paul, Pawlick, Paullik, and Pawlik. These surnames vary in spelling and pronunciation but all are derived from the given name Paul.

The Paulk surname is and has been found in various countries around the world across Europe and the United States. Today, the Paulk surname can be found in the United States, Canada, England, Poland, Germany, Finland, Russia, and Ukraine.

In conclusion, the Paulk surname has many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin across multiple countries. The variants have been formed through various languages and adoptions of an additional suffix to the given name Paul.

Famous people with the name Paulk

  • Tyler Paulk: Actor, best known for their credits in How to Build a Girl and Marcella.
  • Julie Paulk: Television Host and former Miss USA 1977.
  • John Paulk: Evangelical Christian and former leader of the ex-gay movement.
  • John Paulk Jr.: Son of John Paulk and American LGBT rights activist.
  • Joseph Paulk: Football player for the High Point Panthers.
  • Mary Bartelme Paulk: Founder of the Atlanta Ministerial Association and environmentalist.
  • Stacey Paulk: American actress most known for her appearance on the 25th season of The Real World.
  • Brandi Paulk: American reality television personality who most famously appeared on the The Real World: Las Vegas.
  • Tricia Paulk: American film producer and founder of the production company The Verse.
  • Kadarius Paulk: American football player and linebacker for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

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