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Surname Pearson - Meaning and Origin

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J. Pearson

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Pearson: What does the surname Pearson mean?

The surname Pearson has English origins and is derived from a patronymic form of the given name Piers or Peter. The name Piers is the Medieval English form of Peter, which comes from the Greek name "Petros", meaning "rock" or "stone". Therefore, Pearson essentially means "son of Piers" or "son of Peter". Many patronymic surnames evolved this way in England, often indicating a familial or occupational relationship to an ancestor. The surname Pearson is particularly prevalent in Northern England and Scotland. It's also worth noting that while surnames often carry historical or cultural significance, their meanings don't necessarily relate to the characteristics or occupations of people who bear them today.

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Pearson: Where does the name Pearson come from?

The last name Pearson is thought to be of English origin but it has spread across the globe with individuals bearing the name living in many countries today. Historically, the name was derived from a patronymic surname derived from the personal name, or given name, of the bearer's father.

In England, the name is most commonly found in Yorkshire, Lancashire, and the East Anglia regions. There is also a high population of people with the name living in Scotland, where it is especially prevalent in Highland Council area. The last name is also heavily represented in Wales.

In the United States, records indicate Pearson is the 17th most common name, with a high concentration of individuals with the last name living in Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, Georgia, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

In Australia and New Zealand, the last name has long been established with many individuals bearing the name. The name is particularly represented in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and the Northern Territory.

Whether in England, Scotland, the United States, Australia, or elsewhere, the last name Pearson continues to appear with great frequency today.

Variations of the surname Pearson

The surname Pearson is a patronymic surname derived from the name "Piers". It is commonly found in English countries, specifically Britain, and other English-speaking countries. Variations of the surname include Pears, Peard, Peers, Pierson, Pierson, Piers, Pearce, Person, Persoon, Piersen, and Piersson.

In England, the spelling Pears and Peard are the most popular variations. The spelling Pierson is more common in Scotland and is geographically more popular in the southwest. The spelling Peers is most commonly seen in East Anglia while the spelling Person is more popular in the Midlands and north of England. The singular form of the surname, Pear, is found more in the south east of England. The spelling Piers is the most common variation in Ireland.

In the United States the spelling Pears is the most common variant. Pearce is most common in the south of the country while Person and Peers are more popular in the northeast and midwest. Pierson is more common in the southern states, while Piersen and Pierson are seen more in the midwest and western sections of the US.

Throughout the world, surname variants are found in many other countries. For example, Parson is a popular variation of Pearson in Sweden while Piersen is found in Norway. The spelling Peirson is common in Ireland and Scotland while Piersson is found in Finland. The variations Persoon and Pierson are both popular in the Netherlands. In Denmark and Germany, the spelling Peirsen is most commonly used.

Famous people with the name Pearson

  • John Pearson, British biographer and novelist
  • Kim Pearson, National Domestic Violence Hotline Executive
  • Luke Pearson, British cartoonist and writer
  • Lester Pearson, Canadian Prime Minister
  • Ryan Pearson, American professional basketball player
  • Chris Pearson, Animator and Director
  • Bianca Pearson, American Actress
  • Tessa Pearson, Fictional character portrayed by Mandy Moore
  • Miranda Pearson, British Actress
  • Spandau Ballet frontman Tony Hadley
  • Emma Pearson, Canadian actress
  • Conan Pearson, British stage actor
  • Annette Pearson, English Actress
  • Stephen Joseph “S.J.” Pearson, Baritone Saxophone Player
  • Russell Pearson, England football player
  • Katrina Pearson, British radio presenter
  • Joselyn Pearson, American Actress
  • Stelios Pearson, Cypriot footballer
  • Keegan Pearson, Cricket player for the Netherlands
  • Kaycee Pearson, British model and TV presenter

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