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Surname Pearsall - Meaning and Origin

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Pearsall: What does the surname Pearsall mean?

The surname Pearsall is of English origin and is believed to be geographical. It is derived from an Old English pre-7th century name "Pershale," which means "pear tree nook" or "corner of land where pear trees grow." Thus, it typically signifies a person who lived near a pear orchard or a person who cultivated or sold pears. The name Pearsall came into being when England was still largely dominated by the Anglo-Saxon tribes. Alternate spellings include Pershall, Pereshale, Pearsell, and several other variations. Today, it is a rare surname, with small pockets of Pearsalls found predominantly in the US and UK. It’s an example of the hundreds of seemingly inconspicuous English surnames that carry with them unique stories of origin, dating back centuries.

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Pearsall: Where does the name Pearsall come from?

The last name Pearsall can be commonly found today in English-speaking countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It is also present in various parts of Europe and South America.

It is believed that the Pearsall surname comes from the old English word for pear tree, ‘pert’, and the suffix ‘-all’, meaning ‘dweller’. This suggests one of two possibilities when looking at the origin of the name—either the original Pearsall lived near a pear tree or was a pear tree grower.

The Pearsall name can be found with some frequency in the United States, particularly in New England and the Midwest, as well as along the East Coast, particularly in Virginia. It is also present in Ontario, Canada and can be found around London in the UK.

In Australia, the Pearsall surname is relatively common, especially in the eastern states, while in New Zealand, the last name has grown in popularity as more immigrant families have settled in the country. In South America, the Pearsall name is present in Argentina and Uruguay, where it is thought to have been brought by English and Irish immigrants in the 19th century.

Overall, the Pearsall last name can still be found in many English-speaking countries today, as well as in South America, suggesting that it has a long history and is still an active surname.

Variations of the surname Pearsall

The surname Pearsall is most likely derived from the English personal name Piers, or the French name Pierre, both of which are derived from the Latin name Petrus, meaning “rock”. The variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin as Pearsall include Pearse, Peers, Persall, Pears, Peirsall, and Pearcell.

Pearse is a variant of the name Pearsall and is an English surname derived from the same original source. It is most commonly found in Ireland and is a variant of the Irish name Piers.

Peers is a variation of Pearsall and is of English origin. It is derived from an Old English nickname, referring to one who was a great negotiator or diplomat.

Persall is a variant of the name Pearsall and is of Old French and English origin. It is derived from Pierre, the French form of Peter, which means “rock.”

Pears is a variation of the name Pearsall and is derived from the Old French and English personal name Pierre.

Peirsall is a variation of the name Pearsall and is of English origin. It is a spelling variation on Pearce, which is derived from the Latin personal name Petrus.

Pearcell is a variation of the name Pearsall and is derived from the Old French personal name Pierre, meaning “rock.”

Famous people with the name Pearsall

  • Thomas Pearsall: British Anglican bishop in Australia
  • Jack Pearsall: American Navy officer
  • Anna Pearsall: American sculptor
  • Arthur Pearsall: American physicist
  • Lodowick Pearsall: English poet
  • George Pearsall: American artist
  • Johnny Pearsall: American outfielder
  • Joseph Pearsall: American poet
  • Stephen Pearsall: American botanist
  • Joy Pearsall: American author
  • Edith Pearsall: American photographer
  • Francis Pearsall: American public servant
  • Martin Pearsall: British businessman
  • Henry Pearsall: British financier
  • Joseph Pearsall Smith: American philosopher
  • BenPearsall: British musician
  • Gary Pearsall: American dancer
  • Robert Pearsall: British organist

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