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Surname Penso - Meaning and Origin

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Penso: What does the surname Penso mean?

The surname Penso is of Italian origin and it is derived from the word "pensare", which means "to think" in English. Therefore, its literal meaning can be interpreted as “thinker”. It is also possible that it originated as a nickname for a thoughtful or pensive individual. It's important to note that surnames' meanings can depend on their geographical origin and historical contexts, as they could be linked to occupation, patronymic, location, or personal characteristics. The distribution of the Penso surname is predominantly found in Italy, but also in various countries in Europe and South America due to emigration.

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Penso: Where does the name Penso come from?

The last name Penso is most commonly found in Italy today. It is a surname with roots in Italy's northern Lombardy region, located in the provinces of Brescia, Mantua, Pavia, and Cremona. Penso is a patronymic surname, which means it is based on a parent's name. The surname usually originates from someone who was known by their father's name. Penso is also believed to have derived from the Latin word 'pensare', which means to think.

The main concentration of individuals with the surname Penso is within the Italian city of Brescia. The surname is still fairly common throughout Lombardy, however, many Penso families have spread across Italy and other parts of Europe over time. Family branches are known to have resided in Turin, Rome and other major Italian cities.

Penso is also a fairly common surname in the United States today, especially in cities with large Italian-American populations. The surname has spread to countries like Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil, in addition to other places with large Italian-descended communities.

In conclusion, Penso is a surname with Italian roots that is still fairly common in Italy today, as well as many Italian-American cities in the United States and other countries. The main concentration of the surname is still located in Lombardy, in the provinces of Brescia, Mantua, Cremona and Pavia, however, many branches of the Penso family have spread out over the course of history.

Variations of the surname Penso

The surname Penso most commonly originated in Italy. It is also found among other Italian-speaking regions, such as San Marino and Italy's former colonies. Other variations of the surname include Pensi, Penzi, Pennso, and Pensore. The spelling of Penso can also change depending on the dialect and linguistic region. This includes Pensò, Pensó, Penson, Piensa, Pensoa, etc.

At times the surname may also be found with the prefixes Di, Dalla, Dell, De' or Dei in front of it. This could indicate that the surname comes from a certain family or a particular area within Italy. This is also seen in other Italian surnames such as the DiVecchio and DellaVecchia family.

The surnames Pennso and Penzi can also be found occasionally in other variants such as Pinsso, Pensow, Pinsow, Penz, and Pensi. These variants could be the results of journalism, immigration, immigration to another country, or even changing the languages of the people of Italy.

The Penso name is also found in other languages such as French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German. Depending on the language it can be spelled differently and even taken on a whole new form such as Pensouri (in French) or Penskie (in German).

Overall, the Penso surname is widely recognized and has many different variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. The different versions of this surname can be found all over the world thanks to the large number of people with Italian roots.

Famous people with the name Penso

  • Marinos Penso: founder of the consulting firm ‘Ideas For Change’ and former executive director of the Aspen Institute.
  • David Peñso: Spanish footballer who plays for FC Barcelona.
  • Ramon Penedo: Spanish footballer who most recently had a spell at CD Lugo.
  • José Peñso Buxó: Spanish philosopher and historian.
  • Patricia Peñso: Spanish film director and producer.
  • Carlos Peñso Martin: Spanish film director, screenwriter, and cinematographer.
  • Carlos Peñso Calderon: Spanish actor and film producer.
  • Manuel Penso de la Vega: Spanish politician.
  • Jose Maria Penso Lopez: Spanish sculptor and ceramicist.
  • Teresa Peñso-Costa: Spanish bioethicist and professor of medicine at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

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