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Surname Pensyl - Meaning and Origin

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Pensyl: What does the surname Pensyl mean?

The surname Pensyl is derived from the town of Pensyl in northeastern France. It is believed to have originated in the 12th or 13thcentury, when individuals living in the town began to adopt the name as their own. The surname Pensyl is thought to derive from the Latin “pen” which means “breach” or “pass”. The prefix ‘pen’ combined with the geographical location of Pensyl likely produced the surname.

Throughout history, individuals with this surname have played a significant role in the history of France. During the Hundred Years' War, the town of Pensyl was a important center for military activity. This led to many with the Pensyl surname being granted the honorary title of Court of the Marches.

Today, the surname Pensyl can be found around the world, with people bearing the name located all over France, the United Kingdom and North America. In the United States, Pensyl can be found in Pennsylvania, a state that was formerly part of New France and is perhaps the most fitting location for those bearing it.

In summary, the surname Pensyl is thought to originate in the town of Pensyl in northeastern France. It is believed to have come from the Latin “pen” which means “breach” or “pass” and is associated with the Hundred Years' War. Today, the surname can be found all over the world and is especially prevalent in Pennsylvania, USA.

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Pensyl: Where does the name Pensyl come from?

The last name Pensyl is most common today in the United States. Specifically, the United States Census Bureau reports that the last name Pensyl is most concentrated around Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Kentucky. Pennsylvania is home to the most individuals with this last name, where it is the 388th most common last name. West Virginia has the second highest concentration of Pensyls, where it is the 522nd most common last name. In Ohio, Pensyl ranks as the 587th most common last name, and in Oklahoma and Kentucky it ranks just outside the top 1000 at 1113th and 1171st respectively.

Outside of the United States, Pensyl is most commonly found in Canada, particularly in the province of Ontario. While the exact concentration is unknown, reports that the Pensyl last name is found in relatively high numbers across Ontario.

What is known about the origin of the Pensyl name? While the precise origin of the name is unknown, it is believed to have Dutch, Swiss or German origins. The name may have been derived from Germanic names such as “Pence” or “Penn”. It is also possible that the last name has its roots in the Pennsylvania German term “Pensyl”, which translates to “son of”.

Overall, the most common places to find the last name today are the United States and Ontario, Canada. The exact origin of the name is unclear, although it is believed to have Germanic or Swiss roots.

Variations of the surname Pensyl

Pensyl is an uncommon surname with several variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. These include Pensil, Pensel, Pinsil, Pinsyl, Pennsel, Penselle, Pensill, Pensile, and Pensal.

Pensyl is likely a variant of Pencil, an English habitation surname derived from a geographical locality. Pencil is a topographic name, indicating someone who lived near a point or circle, such as ‘of Pensel’s point.’ It is likely derived from the Old English word ‘pen’, which means "head, top, summit, or peak.”

The word ‘pencil’ is also an old diminutive term, used to describe an implement used for writing. This may be one of the reasons why the surname appears in many variant spellings, such as Pensil, Pinsel, and Pennsel.

The surname Pensyl can also be a variant of Pensell, an English habitation surname derived from the town of Painshill near Hebburn. The place name is derived from the Old English personal name ‘Pagan’, combined with the element ‘halh’, which means ‘nook of land’ or ‘secret place’.

Despite its rarity, the surname Pensyl has several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin, both occupational and habitation in nature. These variations can be explained through the evolution of the English language over time, as well as the meaning of geographical place names and occupations.

Famous people with the name Pensyl

  • Joe Pensyl: professional American golfer
  • Charles Frank Pensyl: internationally recognized geologist
  • Michelle Pensyl: American illustrator
  • Christina Pensyl: American sculptor
  • Shawn Pensyl: American bassist
  • Irene and Matthew Pensyl: greatest beneficiaries of a successful slave auction
  • Mark Pensyl: former NFL Linebacker
  • Grant Pensyl: legendary stunt double
  • John Pensyl: Olympic diver
  • Whitney Pensyl: Miss Pennsylvania 2016

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