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Surname Potes - Meaning and Origin

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Potes: What does the surname Potes mean?

The last name Potes is a patronymic surname, which means it is created from the father's first name. Historically, in many cultures, surnames were derived from the father's name as a way of better identifying a person’s lineage within a communit, and it is likely that the Potes surname was derived in this way.

The name Potes is believed to have originated in Spain, though there are several variations of the name, such as Pots and Potts in the United Kingdom. Its root origin and meaning are uncertain, though some researchers believe Potes may stem from the Latin word “potestas” meaning power or authority.

Today, the name Potes is still borne by many individuals across the world. It has been most consistently found in Portugal, Spain, and Central and South America. In the United States, the families of Potes began migrating from Spain and Portugal in the late 19th century.

Although the exact meaning behind the name Potes is unknown, it is likely that this patronymic name signified a family’s power and authority over the generations. This meaning has been conveyed through generations and continues to be valued by members of the Potes families in present day.

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Potes: Where does the name Potes come from?

The last name Potes is most commonly found in Spain, where it is believed to have originated. It is well distributed throughout the country and is especially common in the Castilian speaking regions of the north. In the United States, the name Potes is quite uncommon, but is found primarily in larger American cities. Among the largest concentrations of Potes families are in the states of California, Texas, and New York. There is also a small concentration of Potes families in the state of Florida. The name Potes is also found in other Latin American countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, and Argentina. It is believed that most of these families are descendants of Spanish immigrants who adopted the name Potes.

There has been a small growth in the number of Potes families in the United States in recent decades, due in part to Latin American immigration. Many families can trace their Potes ancestry back to the original Spanish settlers, while others may be descended from more recent immigrants. The Potes last name is not overly common internationally, but still has a rich history in Spanish speaking countries, making it a part of many family trees.

Variations of the surname Potes

The surname Potes has multiple variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. There are many variations in countries and across cultures, often deriving from a unique spelling of a certain language. In Spanish, the most common variant is “Potas”, derived from the Latin “potatus”, meaning “food.” The Portuguese equivalent is the much more common spelling is “Potas”, while in German this variant would be “Potz”. In other languages, such as Hungarian, the surname Potes is spelled “Potsz”, in Catalan “Pots”, and in French “Poty” or “Poté.”

In some cultures, the surname Potes has been altered by addition or alteration of certain syllables or letters. Some of these surnames include “Potocan” from Slovenia, “Potencian” from Italy, and “Potecan” from Romania. In addition, the prefix “de” has been added to the surname in some instances, such as “DePotes” in Galicia and “Du Potes” in Portugal.

The surname Potes may also be found in different cultures or countries with different spellings and endings, such as “Poteau” in France, “Potenziani” in Italy, “Potocnik” in Slovenia, “Potosiski” in Poland, “Potij” in Ukraine, “Potokar” in Slovakia, and “Potočnik” in the former Yugoslavia.

Overall, the surname Potes is derived from the Latin word “potatus”, meaning “food”, and as such, the various spellings, endings, and additional syllables all appear to be variations of the same word, creating a variety of spellings for the surname.

Famous people with the name Potes

  • Laura Potes: actress, musician, and filmmaker; known for works such as “Groundhog Day” and “Rain”
  • Juan Carlos Potes: Venezuelan sculptor and painter
  • Lourdes Potes: founder of Apile Sida Colombia, a non-profit organization in support of HIV/AIDS patients
  • Mario Potes: Spanish singer and producer
  • Marcos Potes: Portuguese architect specializing in boutique hotels
  • Arturo Potes: Colombian actor, director, and photographer
  • Andres Potes: Filipino musician and singer
  • Pablo Potes: Chilean actor and theater director
  • Joaquim Potes: Portuguese watercolor artist
  • Andres Potes: Costa Rican entrepreneur and investor in the hospitality industry

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