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Surname Poteet - Meaning and Origin

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Poteet: What does the surname Poteet mean?

The surname Poteet is of English origin, derived from the old English personal name 'Pott'. The name Pott is itself derived from a medieval nickname for someone who fell frequently into troublesome bidding situations, deriving from the Middle English word "pot(e)", meaning "to push or thrust". The suffix -et in Poteet is likely either a diminutive or patronymic suffix, meaning "little pot" or “son of Pot”. The surname seems to have originated from the Northern English county of Yorkshire. As with many surnames, over time, it may have gone through changes in spelling including variations such as Poteat, Potet, and Poteete. Like most surnames, Poteet could have various interpretations and meanings based on geographical origins and historical uses.

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Poteet: Where does the name Poteet come from?

The last name Poteet is most commonly found in the United States of America, particularly in the Southern United States. Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama, and Mississippi are among the states with the highest concentration of Poteet families, with many others living in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and other parts of the South.

The name Poteet is an English variation of an Old French name that was derived from the Latin word “potitus”, which means “pot”. It is thought that the name was given to a person who made and sold earthenware pots. In the mid-1700s, some Poteet families emigrated to the United States from England and settled primarily in the South.

Today, the Poteet name is still found throughout the Southern states, with Texas having the highest population of the Poteet surname. In 2010, almost 2500 households carried the family name in Texas alone. Georgia had nearly 900 households of the Poteet family in 2010, with North Carolina and Alabama following in number.

Many Poteets are descendants of the same ancestors who first settled in the United States centuries ago, but their family lines have branched out in the intervening years, now stretching far beyond the South. Poteets can now be found across the country, as well as in some parts of Canada.

Variations of the surname Poteet

The surname Poteet has many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Variants such as: Poteete, Poteet, Poteets, Petit, Petty, Podesta, and Potet have all been derived from the Norman origin of the name, which means “small” or “ slender”.

Variants from the Old French spelling include: Pote, Poté, Potay, Poter, Potter, Pott, Pote, Pottier, Potier, and Potaer. The spelling Pote has been used mainly in England, but the variant spelling Poté is mostly used in France.

Other variant spellings that are derived from French, Latin, and other European languages include: Potte, Porte, Portia, Porteau, Portier, and Porteaux, all of which refer to a “gatekeeper”.

The surnames Potee, Petet, Potteet, Poteau, and Poppet are derivative surnames that have French origins. Potee is derived from the Old French spelling of Poter, which meant “gatekeeper”, while Petet is derived from the Latin form of Pote, which meant “small”.

In addition to the French variants, Poteet also has variants from other languages, such as the German forms: Poet, Poete, Poeteh, Poetzel, Poetien, Poethen, Poethke, and Poetko. The Spanish version, Pote, is derived from the Old French form Poter, and the Lithuanian form Pedetas means “small”.

There are many surnames that are also derived from Poteet, such as Poteat, Poteatte, Potee, Poteet, Poteete, Poetter, Pottee, Potteet, Potter, Potts, and Pottson. All of these are derived from the Norman origin of the Poteet surname, which is believed to mean “small” or “slender”.

Famous people with the name Poteet

  • Dave Poteet: American football executive. He is the former President of the American Football Coalition and the Chief Strategy Officer of the Canadian Football League.
  • Craig Poteet: High school basketball coach in West Virginia.
  • Mark Poteet: Former NBA player who played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, the San Antonio Spurs, and the Chicago Bulls.
  • Pat Poteet: Co-founder and former CEO of the Utah Jazz.
  • Zach Poteet: Former NFL player with the Detroit Lions and the Houston Texans.
  • Frank Poteet: Former Major League Baseball pitcher.
  • Virginia Poteet: Award-winning artist, focusing on painting and sculpture.
  • David Poteet: An award-winning composer and conductor.
  • Cari Poteet: Maître d'hotel at the historic French Laundry restaurant in the Napa Valley. 10. Monica Poteet: A broadcast journalist, working for Fox News.

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