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Surname Prey - Meaning and Origin

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Prey: What does the surname Prey mean?

Prey is a surname of French origin. It is derived from the Old French word prei, meaning “dear one” or “beloved one”. The surname is popular in many areas of France, and is also present in North America, particularly in Canada.

The surname typically refers to an individual who is considered to be kindhearted, honourable, and generous. People with the Prey surname are typically viewed positively by others. Many descendants of those who have taken the Prey surname are respected for their helpful personalities, dedication to helping others, and willingness to put the needs of others ahead of their own.

Those who bear the Prey surname often have a strong connection to their faith and its traditions, especially among Catholic families. This is due to the long-standing presence of the Prey family in the Catholic Church, where their family name has been associated with church leaders and clerics.

In modern times, the Prey name is still held in esteem. Individuals who bear the surname often strive to uphold the values and principles their ancestors championed and continue to give back to their communities and those around them.

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Prey: Where does the name Prey come from?

The last name Prey is quite common today, largely due to its spread across Europe, North America, and Australia. In Europe, countries like Italy, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom all see a significant number of Prey families. In North America, the United States leads the way with the largest number of Prey's living there. This is primarily concentrated in the northeastern and Midwestern states, including New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, with more scattered throughout the rest of the country. Similarly, in Canada, the last name Prey is also well represented, especially in Ontario and Quebec. Finally, in Australia, Prey families are spread across the entire continent, with the last name being especially popular in areas like Victoria and New South Wales. All in all, the last name Prey is quite common today, with countless families bearing this name in countries all across the world.

Variations of the surname Prey

The surname Prey is of French origin and has many variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. The variations are derived from the spelling, pronunciation, or use of the original French spelling.

The Prey surname spelling includes Pray, Preyer, Preai, Preaie, Preaire, Preaies, Preais, Preaiy, Preaye, and Preaine. Other variations of the Prey surname include Prie, Prec, Pree, Preau, Preah, Praillon, Prailly, Prielle, Pleay, Prella, Prellier, Prats, despraille, and Praille.

The most common spelling of the surname is Prey, but many of the variants listed above are also found in France and other countries. The Prey surname is found in multiple countries and can be found with a variety of spellings and pronunciations in France, Germany, Switzerland, the United States, Canada, Austria, the Netherlands, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and other countries.

Other spellings of the Prey surname are Peyer, Prei, Pree, Prie, Preey, Preyh, Preah, Preau, Preah, Preye, Peiry, Pré, Praulon, Pralon, Plea, Prella, Praillier, Praillon, and Pram.

In some cases, the Prey surname is spelled as Preyh or Preye. In addition, some of the variants of Prey may appear to be two different surnames when written down but are actually variations of the same name. Some examples include Pie and Piel, Pree and Pré, and Preau and Preah.

Due to the many different variations of the Prey surname, it can be difficult to trace the origin or history of the surname. However, the most common origin of the Prey surname is France, with other potential countries of origin being Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the United States, Canada, and other countries.

Famous people with the name Prey

  • Adrian Prey: Actor and Creative Producer
  • Audrey Prey: Broadway Actress
  • Christine Prey: International Speaker & Creative Producer
  • Florence Prey: Meatpacking Executive & Entrepreneur
  • Jan Prey: Singer and Actor
  • Jonas Prey: Music Producer and Disc Jockey
  • Kenneth Prey: Visual Artist and Painter
  • Marc Prey: Musician and Producer
  • Michael Prey: Football Player
  • Mo-Marie Prey: Actress and Model
  • Nelson Prey: Actor and Voice Artist
  • Nicholas Prey: Video Game Developer and Composer
  • Roger Prey: Surgeon and Cardiologist
  • Sarah Prey: Movie Producer and Screenwriter
  • Shel Prey: Writer and Memoirist
  • Simon Prey: Actor and Music Producer
  • Stef Prey: Musician and Producer
  • Vaughn Prey: Professional Wrestler and MMA Fighter

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